A taste of Somalia - 2: Minnegadishu

Posted On: Tuesday - December 18th 2018 8:08PM MST
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Part of old Minnegadishu, now being de-gentrified Somalicized:

It's right here in the great white(?) north, across the Mississippi River from St. Paul, our own taste of Somalia. In a recent post Peak Stupidity ranted about the Foodies and their incessant need for Cuisine Change in America. We mentioned the Somalian inroads into America via the Minneapolis (soon to be Minnegadishu) concession. You nice Minnesota ladies and un-excitable old-stock men invited a few poor, poor refugees because you felt sorry for them, and for the vibrancy and the food. Well, it beats the same Swedish meatballs and whitefish every night don't it, Mom? You betcha'.

Sure, the new cuisine is one thing*, but now the pet project of the nice socialists and ctrl-left instigators is running into a few snags. See, assimilation is not working, as in never does when you have large numbers, and even less so when the goal is to assimilate black Moslem people from the horn of Africa:

The thing is, the new arrivals don't really like to live in, much less keep up, the nice dwellings like Mary Tyler Moore's TV-land house pictured above. They want the zoning laws gotten rid of, and the ctrl-left is only too glad to help. From the BareNakedIslam website, we learn MINNESOTASTAN: Minneapolis’ far-leftist City Council votes to end anti-Muslim “racism” by moving mostly low-income/welfare Somali Muslim families into upscale neighborhoods. Things are fixin' to get vibrant like the outer shells of the electrons of a coupla' thousand moles of Sodium atoms thrown into a toilet bowl by a budding high-school chemist/2nd-degree-burn victim.
Across the spectrum of activists, Minneapolis 2040’s proposal to allow multifamily housing — first fourplexes, then triplexes — in every neighborhood in the city has generated the most debate. The city’s long-range planning director, Heather Worthington, has said that, in general, the proposal aims to “diversify” housing citywide and reverse some of the damage from historical exclusionary zoning policies. (In other words, working hard in order to be able to afford a home in a safe neighborhood is considered “exclusionary.”)

“There was redlining here, and that kept people of color (Muslims) from having the same resources and opportunities as white people,” said Salica. “We see the 2040 plan as one step — one important step — in reducing that.
The thing is, hehe, ha, hahahaaa, that .... wait ... I read this news article with a smile on my face. Sorry, I just couldn’t help it, though, suffice it to say, I don’t live in Minneapolis (if the Peak Stupidity reader here does, than I apologize for that outburst). The snowflakes have only themselves to blame as this new vibrancy changes the rules in their formerly nice, formerly quiet abodes in the great formerly white north. The zoning laws are designed to prevent nice neighborhoods having the "neighbor" part torn off. They've been in place a long time, so there's no reason to change ... I know you had a deal Minneapolitans, but rule-of-law, zoning rules, etc. are not part of the Somalian culture.

Wade, whaddaheck are ya' talking abooot?**

There are ~ 20,000 Somalians in Minnegadishu now, and though a still small minority, they will have a disproportionate impact on the culture of that city. Why do I have a song in my head called You've got another thing coming.?

* About the food, per
commenter Anon7 on unz:
I’ve been fascinated by African cuisine ever since I was invited to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant in the early 1990′s. Of course, I looked up traditional Ethiopian food on the nascent Internet and found that it consisted mostly of small amounts of bark and nuts, usually followed by long periods of famine. I never went back to the restaurant.
Well as we've been told: As horrific as large-scale famine is, if our diverse cuisine becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.

** For the excellent Fargo clip (as related to Ronald Reagan) see Part 3 of our Donnie vs. Ronnie discussion.

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