A taste of Somalia - more American Cuisine Change

Posted On: Monday - December 17th 2018 8:12AM MST
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While trudging through an airport last week I tried to avoid watching the electronic exhaust of the Lyin'Press, that is, those CNN-spouting screens hanging from wall and ceilings. One of them happened to blare out something while I was coming up under it, with a caption/headline on-screen saying "A taste of Somalia." Now, don't quote me on the exact country, but it was some African shithole that was Kenya or Ethiopia, if not Somalia. This news story was about the opening of some new restaurant or district of restaurants serving us this cuisine that we couldn't do without, hence the need for ruination of American society via uncontrolled immigration ... or something.

The Peak Stupidity blog has discussed this aspect of the immigration problem before, in The Stupidity of the Foodies. However, I'm writing this addition due to this stuff was phrased there on the TV. A taste of Somalia made me wonder if those TV talking-dummkopfs have ever really had a taste of the country of Somalia or a taste of Somalian-enriched areas of America.

You want at taste of Somalia, you TV foodheads? Why don't you go to Mogadishu (the one in the Old Country, not the Minnesota concession), eat your favorite food there out on the street, and stay as long as you like.

All countries of the world LUV LUV LUV millions of immigrants, right? When you go off to your new life in Somalia, bring your papers, your bribe money, and bring your AK (unending-arguably your AR)!, as Somalians don't take Visa for their fly-shit infested outdoor dining, and not even Diner's Club. Reliable Toyota pick-up truck, $4,000 in bribe money from a government official ... fine outdoor cuisine, $1.75 ... not being found dead on the street and getting shipped back to New York in a Military Airlift Command C-17 for a funeral attended by Christiane Amanpour, PRICELESS!

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