Ronnie vs. Donnie: Conclusion

Posted On: Saturday - December 15th 2018 3:07PM MST
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(continued from the "Intro.", "the Personalities", "Foreign Policy", and "Domestic Policy")

Peak Stupidity has a habit sometimes of sticking with a topic right through the point of boring even our lead blogger. I need to finish this, and perhaps my thoughts (intro) from 2 1/2 weeks back after President Trump Bragged "I Blow Ronald Reagan Away" will get me interested again here.

Though he got co-opted in some manner by the Deep State, possibly around the time he was shot, Ronald Reagan was the Conservative for the times, back in 1980. He'd been a thoughtful principled conservative since the 1950's in Hollywood (a feat in itself) and he stayed one until the end. Sure, there were some mishaps and some badly misplaced trust over his Presidential terms, but I just can't say much bad about the guy. There's a guy worth lowering the flag for, and Americans did, back in 2004.

People said that President Reagan was too old to work hard, sleeping in some meetings, etc., but really, because he was wise enough of an executive to pick the right cabinet heads and advisors (mostly, perhaps excepting the VP), it didn't matter. Nobody says the executive does any real work - he lays out the strategy, approves or rejects the tactics proposed by advisors, and watches it pan out.

Besides the most-important accomplishment of ending the Cold War, something no American would have imagined at the start of Reagan's presidency, he held the line as much as he could on domestic policy. He did get hoodwinked on the US Feral Gov't welfare spending, but, as written, he never had a GOP-controlled House to help him.

Donald Trump doesn't have a lot of highfalutin principles and, I suppose, never claimed to have. He does seem to be on the side of real Americans, so people such as me have not sweated his lack of understanding of the Constitution, just as a small example. That was only due to the enthusiasm for Mr. Trump as one man he cared about the existential job to be done - fixing the immigration invasion. Nope, I didn't care that he was a playboy and how much corruption went on with his big-time real estate business in New York City. He was the candidate since who knows when (maybe since the 1920's) to bring up the immigration problem as a main issue.

Mr. Trump is the high-energy guy, and, with his being almost the same age as Reagan was, that's an amazing thing. It doesn't help, though, if the energy is expended via tweeting out replies to Lyin' Press detractors, getting sucked into the whole 2-years-long-now contrived brew-haha about The Russians! Without having a good loyal staff to work FOR, rather than AGAINST him, he wastes this energy trying to do things on his own, or fighting his own employees.

President Trump has not come through on his main goal, or his supporters' main goal, the control of illegal and legal immigration into the US. I don't think things are going to be easier for him either, as he goes from a cuckservative-controlled House/Senate to slightly-less-cuckservative/Democrat controlled chambers. The book about his presidency about which Trump based his brag on list loads of itemized accomplishments. Most of these are economic numbers that are based solely on the optimistic expectations of Americans. Sure, you're gonna be more optimistic knowing there is not some type of Hildabeast in the White House bent on complete destruction of traditional America. I would never argue that I'd rather Mr. Trump had lost the election in '16.

The fact is, if the existential problem of immigration is not dealt with, any of the economic accomplishments will be for naught. I still hold out a little hope, but so far President Trump has failed us.

In conclusion, No, President Trump, you do not "blow President Reagan away". As of right now, President Reagan still blows you clean out of the water!

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