I'd thought we'd bid Farewell to Kings

Posted On: Friday - December 14th 2018 9:19PM MST
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Is it over yet?

There's a glut of Curmudgeonry posts backed up in the Peak Stupidity pipeline. If they don't come out, the pressure will build up to levels capable of fracturing the entire website ... she no canna' hold, Captain, she'll blow she will!

Look for a few more, before the posting goes back to some of the themes covered as of late. Here today we will just rant on about a topic broached during the discussion of the extended mourn-porn* in the Lyin' Press for our Dowager ex-King, Bush I. Look, he died, I! GET! THAT!

When did the George HW Bush, or 41 (?!) die anyway, more than a week ago? I am still seeing flags at half-mast all over the place. Did another piece of royalty die in the meantime? Should we possibly just keep the flags where they are to cover all the possible US Feral Gov't former executives that may croak daily?

Surprisingly to me, the whole State Funeral bit has been going on since the early years of this country. I would have thought that these independent freedom-loving men would not have been interested in making a big deal of the death of an executive of one branch of their Federal Government, having said "Farewell to Kings" not so long before.

I suppose it's just the fact that it's been one after another, with Juan McAmnesty, nothing but one Neocon Senator from Arizona out of 100, being accorded this royal treatment 3 months earlier, that's got me sick of this. Let us avoid this mourn-porn as much as possible (though I wrote this post earlier, I saw flags STILL at 1/2-mast just an hour ago!)

Peak Stupidity featured the excellent Rush song, Closer to the Heart 1 1/2 years back, so here is the title song of their album, A Farewell to Kings:

*H/T to one Mr. Anon, who apparently would like to remain anonymous, for that term from a comment of his.

Sunday - December 16th 2018 10:48AM MST
PS: "Dag Hammarskjold"

Thanks, BernCar. Hey, I looked up the history of these secretaries general, and found out the newest guy is a white guy (from Portugal). I didn't think the job was for white people, much less men, anymore. The bad news is that these people are supposed to be called "Your Excellency", seriously. Like that's gonna happen if I ever meet one ...
Sunday - December 16th 2018 9:27AM MST
PS Dag Hammarskjold

Saturday - December 15th 2018 2:21PM MST
PS: Hey, the guy who called y'all out on the carpet must have been a guy I'd call a good Constitutionalist nowadays. Of course, now he'd get fired for telling you you couldn't lower the flag for the UN, probably. I used to remember these guys - was that Butros Butros Golly? (That sounds too recent though.)
Saturday - December 15th 2018 12:24PM MST
PS I had the same thought yesterday. I passed a flag at half mast and thought, "What now? Damn, is it still Bush?" The frigging flag is at half-mast half all the time now. Everything warrants half-mast. And my criticism comes as one of the two kids at my elementary school tasked with raising and lowering flag every school day for a year. I shake my head now at how seriously we took it. Every day at end of school, we folded it like two soldiers at a state funeral. And God forbid Old Glory ever touch the ground; we would have died of shame. As a matter of fact, we lowered it to half-mast on our own accord one day (when the UN Secretary General died in a plane crash) and got called on the carpet for it. What a misspent yout'.
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