The Yellow Vest protests and "Protest Creep"

Posted On: Tuesday - December 11th 2018 11:26AM MST
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It's about time to write something about this encouraging hell-raising political movement in France. The French, and the Europeans in general, are big on the whole "general strike" thing, and just strikes in general. Peak Stupidity will not get into strikes and labor union discussion right here (good one for a coming post, I suppose), but there's a lot Americans don't like about this sort of thing. If you travel in Europe, possibly northern Europe partially excepted, you will run into the train not running, cabs not driving, and just general annoyances that we aren't used to putting up with in America. The General Strike thing, in particular, is something people here could perhaps not fathom. We do like to do our jobs, government workers partially excepted.

The origin of the protests in France over the last week seem to be a bit confusing from the articles I've read. A big tax on diesel fuel (taxes on fuel being a BIG Euro thing, many times more than 100%) supposedly was the impetus. I've also heard of it being President Macron's talk of this extra tax money being used to mitigate the feared Global Climate DisruptionTM causing the good French people to have had enough. President Trump had mentioned that, per sources I've read, and that of course, has been dismissed by the Lyin' Press. The continual forced extraction of the labor of the French workers in the form of taxes, to pay for stupid projects around the world is reason enough to raise hell. That is nothing but good conservatism. However, the French are not in general good Conservatives but fairly Socialist. What they are becoming is more nationalist.

As they think of what "their" governments in Paris and Brussels are doing with their tax money, the out-of-control immigration of foreign free-loaders, seems to be now part of the protests. Then, they want Macron out, for sure a worthy cause itself! (There is a caveat - to be replaced by whom?). It's become a case of protest creep over there.

Protest creep can be good. All the problems that the patriotic French may have with their government should be aired. If, as is the same case in America, the French and Euro governments are working against the people, they should be changed and opted-out of, respectively. While you're having this general strike, inconveniencing a lot of your fellow French and causing a lot of damage*, etc, you may as well make it comprehensive.

However, what I'll write in the next post is that often these protests, or eventually, movements, get co-opted. That's the problem the French are probably running into right now.

* As far as the damage goes, it could indeed be a lot, but I'm really getting pretty cynical about what the Lyin' Press would have to say about it. From the BBC (what should I expect? Right?), we read:
Le Parisien newspaper reported that in the capital about 50 vehicles had been burnt and dozens of businesses vandalised, with some of them looted. The authorities in the city say that riots have caused millions of pounds of damage.
50 cars? Are you serious? I think the Moslems burn 10X that many each night during the right time of the month (or wrong time of the month depending on whether you are an auto owner or pyromaniac)! I believe the Lyin' Press figures we are all innumerate or have no memory whatsoever.

Regarding the immigration portion of the demands of these French protesters, I believe they'd have to torch most of the structures in all of France to equal the LONG-TERM damages (just the monetary part) being done by the extensive Moslem infestation that their "leadership" has burdened them with.

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