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Posted On: Monday - December 10th 2018 8:19PM MST
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Peak Stupidity is not known for being compassionate, sharing, and all that crap ... we call out the stupid whenever and wherever we see it. You won't see a lot of sob stories on here, but this one is kind of close. I'd like to just illustrate today how bad the effect of the oppressive, Orwellian, anti-white-male establishment can be, even at the high-school level.

It's been two years ago now, but, because there is now a lawsuit, a sad story we missed, out of maybe many more like it, caught the attention of the Peak Stupdity blog. In the semi-Lyin' Press New York post, "Excessive Fear" after in-school suspension drove Air Force hopeful to kill self, we see a tragic result of the ctrl-left cultural repression at the lower-ed level. A 16 y/o high-school kid killed himself as soon as he got home after 'suffering “extreme and excessive psychological distress' while being questioned by an assistant principal about two racially inappropriate Snapchat messages he sent to another student." Again, as written above, this could be taken as a sob story about some student snowflake, as "in my day, they slammed us on the ass repeatedly with a paddle with small holes in it just to make it swing that much faster" (yeah, I always thought that hole thing was just a crock, just said to put more fear into the students).

I believe there's a lot more to it than that, though. Did you get the part about the racially inappropriate Snapchat messages? Yes, back in the day, it would have been more about blowing up toilets with M-80's, fighting in the halls, or smoking (too much) dope in the parking lot, with the exception of the last, much more serious actions than sending "racially inappropriate Snapchat messages"... one would think! However, times are different, and the cultural oppression, just as severe at this point than that of the Chinese Cultural Revolution is serious business. Making comments, even jokingly, about the wrong people - the correct races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and lately sexual out-patient organ-conditions - is very very bad. To make that clear, anyone non-white, non-straight-unadulterated male has a higher caste ranking than, say this Patrick McCalley, who made the simple mistake of writing the incorrect Snapchat (WTH is that?) messages.

See, the cops came, which can scare any diligent non-thug of a student who has plans for his future:
Patrick “remained isolated” in a closed room as Carmel High School assistant principal Toby Steele and Carmel Police Officer Phil Hobson questioned him about the messages. He then wrote a “self-incriminating statement” under the penalty of perjury and was told he was being expelled or suspended from school, the lawsuit claims.
An arrest for any charge, no matter how stupid it sounds to the sane, is an arrest on his record nonetheless, and the HR ladies don't take too kindly to that. Really it'd be better nowadays to have a conviction for blowing up a toilet with an M-80 than even the CHARGE of INAPPROPRIATE MESSAGING, OMG!

Yeah, next thing, even if Big Brother of the school could not really get the boy expelled, he would be an outcast for the rest of his time in this high school, once the facebook shunning came down on him. I don't mean to say this lightly - it's how bad the young ones have been brainwashed by 9-10 years already of this anti-white, anti-male indoctrination at the government propaganda camps. It take a very loyal girlfriend not to break up with him over this. This making fun of the correct people - IT'S! JUST! NOT! DONE! More from the NY Post article:
Prior to the incident, Patrick had been an “outstanding student” at the school, where he was a member of the marching band, jazz band and concert band. He also had no prior disciplinary infractions and was preparing for a future in the United States Air Force.

“When Patrick awoke on October 6, 2016, he was a happy, well-adjusted boy and had just received email correspondence from a representative of the United States Air Force and was excited for the future when he left his home for school,” the lawsuit states.

But within minutes of leaving the school after being summoned to meet with Steele, the teen decided he no longer wanted to live.

“Patrick’s father, Christopher McCalley, arrived at the home shortly after Patrick but was too late to prevent Patrick from shooting himself out of the despair caused by Defendants’ actions at school that day,” the lawsuit states. “When Christopher McCalley saw Patrick, he called 911 and tried to stop Patrick’s bleeding. When law enforcement officers responded to his 911 call, Christopher told them this had to be because of whatever just happened to Patrick at school.”
Yeah, it is very sad. I could be callous as usual and say this kid was a snowflake but it really doesn't sound like it. High school kids don't have any perspective yet. The school and "questioners" made Chris into the worst person in the world. In addition, it's not like any other kids would likely visibly support this boy. Besides the brainwashing, even a truth-seeking youngster would not likely be brave enough to publicly defend his friend on this BS. Chris McCalley was all alone in this struggle.

I don't want to blame the Dad at all (and I wouldn't, OTOH, blame him either if he took this more personally out on people at this school than a lawsuit does). It's just advice now, for other parents. Please, please, spend time with your kids to get them used to listening to the truth from you. They must be made aware early on that the world is full of lies. Possibly, if his Dad had talked over some of this anti-white-male BS with him, whether it's telling him to be careful in everything he says (shame it has to come to that) or how to handle any trouble that comes from what he says, it may have given the boy more strength. Yeah, it's a sob story because I feel so sorry for the father of Chris McCalley, a victim of the Orwellian school system of Carmel, Indiana.

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