Guilty as Planned - The James Fields Charlottesville Verdict

Posted On: Saturday - December 8th 2018 12:42PM MST
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James Field, and his muscle car with brake lights shining:

This is one of the most timely posts here on Peak Stupidity, though that is not our forte. Nope, the TV news is not blaring out around me, as in some homes, so, though I may miss some current events, I miss the brainwashing infotainment, hence, have a much better idea of WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON. So, when reading this article by a friend of the defense on this morning, along with the comments, I noted that just yesterday, Mr. Fields, the young man on trial on charges of murder via automobile back in the middle of the Charlottesville, VA antifa attacks in the summer of '17, was found guilty of 1st degree murder, supposedly after a fair trial of a jury of his peers. (This was after this article was published, but there are comments from after the verdict.). No, it wasn't manslaughter, more appropriate for a man trying to get out of a bad situation in a panic. It could have even been self-defense, as couldn't a 300 pounder like that destroy the entire cooling system, raising engine temperatures within minutes on that hot summer day, causing a seizing of the cylinders and thus rending the vehicle inoperative for an escape? (OK, now that last would require a really crack lawyer - speaking of cracks, too soon?)

First, without even going into this bit of "justice", one can learn that part of the Anarcho-Tyranny on display there was what went on afterwards as far as criminal charges to the ctrl-left antifa vs. the Unite-the-Right group. The latter, if you recall had gone to peacefully assemble to speak about saving a General Robert E. Lee from cultural destruction. Some were appropriately armed for their own safety, as, well, you can't keep being beaten up or running forever. There was not one of the antifa who were ever given meaningful criminal sentences, even the ad-hoc flamethrower users, the guys who dragged a man into a parking structure to beat hell out of him, and the rest who used violence condoned by The State.

Was it due process, or a political railroading?

The fat broad who Mr. Fields hit with his car at a fairly slow speed while trying to get out of the whole area was the only one who died that day - that is a fact. However, if you don't already know the details, please read the article linked-to above. A blog post is not the court of law, but there is lots of evidence to give a reasonable doubt of Mr. Fields' alleged intention to murder the lady with his car. The discussion in that article and comments also includes doubt about the ability and motives of the public defender, and the partiality of the judge. The Mayor of Charlottesville and his deputy are apparently hard-core ctrl-left, making one wonder why a trial with this publicity (including a completely asinine, ignorant statement by our Tweeter-in-Chief*) couldn't have been moved to a different venue for a fair trial. There was no escaping the hostile media, but he may have gotten a fairer judge and jury.

I would say the poor young man was railroaded as a big lesson taught by the ctrl-left to the alt-right yesterday. They want you to back down next time immediately after their minions start anything up. They want you to think of James Fields rotting away in a max-security prison next time, so you will just let yourself get beaten up, or, better yet, never show up for any rally, protest, or other event to defend your people and heritage. As a matter of fact, they would rather you not speak up or write about anything against the ctrl-left establishment period. See, they can work on controlling Twitter, Facebook, and Google (most of The F.A.G.S.). They've got TV fairly locked up (with one dude going rogue that they've been trying to get a handle on recently.). However, going out and speaking in public, now that's something that's really in-your-face and totally un-called for. Freedom of speech is for the establishment, not the haters, right?

The Peak Stupidity blog posted Don't let yourself get (Reginald) Dennyed to relate the experience of Mr. Fields in light of what happened to an innocent truck driver caught in, then pulled out of, his vehicle during the LA riots of 1992. It's always been a big tactic of the ctrl-left over the years to block roads and vehicles with their bodies. Look, they have nowhere important to go, unlike the drivers on the way to work. I believe they look forward to so enraging a driver that he will go berserk and just hit the gas. (They hope they can get out of the way, a lost cause for some like your big victim of Charlottesville, but I'm not sure they care about their fellow, uh, protesters.). It's a quandary to be in that situation as a driver for a number of reasons. Depending on how violent the people are, and what they have for weapons, they may not just do costly damage to the car. They may be able to get inside at some point after breaking a window/windshield. At that point, the driver, especially the unarmed one, is in a bad situation. I'm pretty sure, he'll wish he'd tried to push through the crowd already.

Additionally, the question comes up again, how long can we keep taking the abuse? A single man without a family to worry about, caught in this situation, may have more of a big picture in his head. "How long are we going to take this?" "Enough is enough." The other thoughts will be "I don't want to be James Fields." Those thoughts will conflict, but sometimes the decision was made unconsciously long ago. When the adrenaline starts pumping through the body, and seconds count, one's action will follow that decision made long ago. See, these ctrl-left shock troops really want to put us in that situation. I believe they haven't thought it through. After this verdict today, the next guy stuck in a car with a mob surrounding it, if he really feels like there is no way out, will not go 28 mph. He will floor it. I hate to put it this way, but he’ll remember what the 1st one costs and that the rest are free. That’s what it’s gonna come to, unfortunately.

Some people remember what happened to Reginald Denny, beat senseless on the street. Others don't, but will just go with their instincts. It's a bad idea to box people in a corner, on both the small scale, as in one panicked (or NOT) guy in a car, or on a big scale, as what they are doing to normal American society. You don't box people into a corner because, civilization and all, we are still animals. Just like with the squirrels, who, as cute as they may be (or NOT), YOU DON'T BOX THEM INTO A CORNER!

*Trump's statement was made in haste and ad-libbed, almost per usual:
I think the driver of the car is a disgrace to himself, his family and this country. And that is — you can call it terrorism, you can call it murder. You can call it whatever you want. I would just call it as the fastest one to come up with a good verdict. That’s what I’d call it.

And there is a question. Is it murder? Is it terrorism? Then you get into legal semantics. The driver of the car is a murderer, and what he did was a horrible, horrible, inexcusable thing.
I would appreciate the President getting involved, but not by shooting his mouth off. He could have the DOJ question whether proper justice was served today in Charlottesville by the ctrl-left establishment. That ain't gonna happen though ...

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