The George HW Bush '88/'92 Presidential campaigns

Posted On: Thursday - December 6th 2018 5:22PM MST
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Vice President Bush vs. Mass. Governor Dukakis:

Another great column by Peak Stupidity's number 1 pundit, Miss Ann Coulter, brings up the myth/ancient history of Bush's Finest 30 Seconds—The Willie Horton Ad. This is a very interesting and informative correction of the Lyin' Press narrative on the much-maligned Bush campaign ad, back in 1988, along with something on the famous GOP campaign operative, Mr. Lee Atwater. He may have been the last Republican campaigner to fight like a man, by telling the truth.

The Spook, the proto-Trump, and the Slick, from 1992:

In 1992, Mr. Bush did not win the election for these reasons:

1) People DID remember that he lied with that “read my lips, no new taxes” bit. We were still not used to ALL of them being liars yet. Now we are.

2) Ross Perot got something like 19% of the vote, taking much more from the R-side than the D-side. Bill Clinton got 43%, if my memory is on point.

3) He had already been blowing the promised peace dividend, and I think people thought an old-fashioned (yeah, ‘cept he wasn’t) Democrat would change that. Haha, yeah, right?

4) I’m only one guy, but as I wrote already, some of his proto-globalist crap was not sitting well with people like me. The Bush family has big Mexican connections, or at least interests. My quick thoughts about his speaking in Spanish on the campaign trail, mentioned in the previous post may have occurred to others as well - "This guy is a Globalist", though the term wasn't in vogue* yet.

I guess you could lump (4) into (2), come to think of it. I really miss Ross Perot. That’d be a guy for whom I’d be sad about when he leaves this world.

* Not even in Vogue magazine, as their articles, if you're not distracted by underwear ads, tended to be about how to have sex better and differently.

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