The Origins of Rap?

Posted On: Saturday - December 1st 2018 7:57PM MST
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Kids today! Well, 5-7 year-old kids have probably always talked smack like this:

"Well, you eat chocolate and poop for breakfast."

"You drink blood and pee, and you eat butts."

"You drink pee, and you eat boogers AND butts."

"Eating boogers is OK. Watch, see I literally ate my booger.
It's fine! Now, I'm eating ear wax."

"You eat butts and eat boogers in your hot chocolate like marshmallows." (See now that kid's got potential.)

I'm just wondering if any reader can confirm that this kids' talk was the origins of Rap and/or Hip-Hop. It occurred to me, after witnessing this illustrious conversation today, that it would seem to likely be the case. Though I have a pretty good knowledge of the best of rock and pop music of the last 50 years, I am no accredited music historian. You don't need that to know that rap and hip-hop suck ass.

Now, others may say that the rap all started with Aerosmith's Walk this Way. As much as Peak Stupidity would like to embed this song to illustrate the point. I don't see it as one of that band's best songs. Let's go with Sweet Emotion from the most famous album by Steve Tyler and his band, Toys in the Attic. Besides a great hard rock sound, Steve Tyler throws in some good lyric lines. "Your get-up-and-go must have got up and went." is one of the best, but go listen to Adam's Apple sometime for a different slant on the Adam & Eve story. It's from the same album.

At the time of this 1975 album, Aerosmith was:

Steven Tyler – vocals, keyboards, harmonica, percussion
Joe Perry – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Brad Whitford – rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Tom Hamilton – bass, rhythm guitar on "Uncle Salty"
Joey Kramer – drums, percussion

Saturday - December 1st 2018 9:18PM MST
Prolific I meant
Saturday - December 1st 2018 9:17PM MST
My favorite was Aerosmith concert t shirt that said night in the ruts on the front and said right in the nuts on the back. Prolic at my HS the day after the concert.
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