Peak Stupidity Celebrates 2nd Blogversary!

Posted On: Tuesday - November 27th 2018 6:09PM MST
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Yep, it was November 27th of 2016 when this blog began it's very important work of blogging stupidity to the world. Yes, WORLDWIDE - it' the World Wide Web, is it not? "Stupidity does not stop at the border!" - George Bush (one of those 2 idiots, I think). We welcome readers from all over the world, so long as they are not in Russia, China, or Indonesia (yes a new one) trying to spam our comment section with viagra ads.

With a little bit of a last-fortnight push, the Peak Stupidity blog ended up with 500 blog posts by our 1st Blogversary. The rate of posting has slowed since then, as the very post this morning put us at 865 of them total. That's a nice number though, as it's exactly 1 post per day average over the last year. No we don't post every day, so the rate is probably 1.2 posts per "posting day", but I don't think that means anything, come to think about it. Any reader who's followed us* for long would have realized that the posts have gotten significantly longer, on average. I'd already noticed that 1 year ago.

The numbers are pretty good, folks. I don't like to give out raw data, but "Site Visits" are up in the many thousands monthly and "Page Views" are in the lower 5 digits. I don't want to compare to our first month, December of '16, since the numbers were very low, though growing as the site got recognized by the search engines, etc. A year-to-year comparison for each of the last 3 months (after subtracting out a good guess of that Russian spam** and some Indonesian attempted something-or-other last month), gives these numbers:

Growth in Peak Stupidity Traffic (in % change year over year):
MONTH: Visits y/y      Views y/y
Sept '18/'17:      172      101
Oct '18/'17:      115      99
Nov*** '18/'17:      185      119

I would now like to give wholehearted thanks to all of you regular readers for giving some thought toward the opinions of Peak Stupidity. If I didn't know a very decent number of people read the posts, I probably wouldn't have the motivation to keep on. Though there are not many comments, the ones that appear here are from very polite, erudite and interesting commenters, and I do appreciate each and every one I get.

Upon running this blog, I had first thought, say in the first year, that I might just run out of subjects to post on or get repetitive. I do repeat some basic themes, but I will definitely not run out of posts, and they keep coming, often in groups of 3 to 5 in my head, about ever other day I peruse my small reading space on the internet. Then there are 1 to 3 weekly that come from daily life observations. It does not look like we are at Peak Stupidity yet, so I'm not worried anymore about lack of material!

What's next? I think I will stick with the essay-type posts, at least 3-5 a week, but will try to put in some short "hey, look as this s__t!" ones in more. (They often turn into essays now, is the thing. I've got to learn to cut them off better.) I added the Bread and Circuses Topic Key just yesterday, but I hesitiate to add more keys, as I need to go through 865 posts and assign more of them. That'll be a job.

Speaking of jobs, we come to the big elephant in the room. I appreciate my readers more due to the fact that you all put up with the very simple navigation features, which is NOT VERY MUCH. Work on the website itself is something I haven't even thought about since summer '17. When I get started, I'll make a number of changes for the better. As I'd written during an aborted attempt (see just 1st paragraph), it's not the complications, but just the time involved in trying to both blog and work on the software, that's the problem. I will ease the minds of those who don't like change too much, that the format will remain the same. It's not pretty, but you're used to it, right? That's how I'd feel about it.

Again, thank you all very much for reading!

* No, no, not that FaceBook/Twitter "Following" stuff! We don't partake in that crap. I meant just plain keeping up with the blog.

** Peak Stupidity put the kibosh on that spam over 1 year back. It's very clear no humans are much involved (besides possibly just logging the site on some form), as it didn't take much, but we still want to apologize for making it easy to lose a comment with our fix, especially for 1st-time readers. You want CAPTCHA? No, you don't want CAPTCHA.

*** Extrapolated linearly for last 4 days of Nov. 2018

Thursday - November 29th 2018 8:17PM MST
PS: Thank you very much, BernCar. Yeah, maybe that was the time I had a long on-line argument with a Mr. Rational, whom I agree with on most everything else.

I wanted that graph on old-fashioned engineering paper with a smoothing "bar" (piece of rubber), as it'd have been done back in the days of NACA (precursor to NASA).

I am very glad my #1 commenter likes the appearance OK. We can all get used to things like the look, but the usability definitely needs work at some point. I've been putting it off, as I wrote, to keep on steadily posting instead.

I hope to see you on here at least a time or two per week. I know there are lots of people VIEWING, but there's no way, I guess, to know who's really READING without getting some comments. Good evening, sir, and thanks again.
Wednesday - November 28th 2018 7:32AM MST
PS Congratulations on your two-year anniversary. You have every reason to be proud--you've made a quality site here. I followed you here from a comment at Unz (global climate change, I believe) and the first thing I noted was your heading--the graph and Alfred E. That appealed to me for reasons of personal history, but what has kept me coming back regularly is your sense of humor and your intelligent commentary. I can imagine that doing something like this is a lot of work, but I bet there is a sense of accomplishment that goes along with it.
As far as the appearance of the site, it's fine by me, but suit yourself.
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