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Posted On: Wednesday - November 21st 2018 7:07PM MST
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True to our usual untimeliness, Peak Stupidity just viewed a 17 minute video, embedded below, from back in March of '17. The video is footage of Canadian professor of Psychology Jordan Peterson having it out with some loud/foul-mouthed protesters trying to impede him from speaking to students at one McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. By "having it out", we really mean "putting up with" the best he could.

It's a real nuthouse. There's Professor Peterson sitting "calmly" on the right,
delivering a lecture that nobody can hear.

In case you haven't heard about this celebrity of modern psychology/self-help, Mr. Peterson is an anti-PC crusader who has had enough with the oppressive environment on campuses in Canada. Yes, if you can believe it's possible, the PC is worse there than in the US. I have not heard anything I heartily disagreed with from Professor Peterson. Though I'm not quite enamored with the guy, he definitely provides a service to our side. Peak Stupidity featured Peterson before in this truly interesting 1 hour and 43 minute discussion with Camille Paglia on feminism. (OK, the first 30 minutes on graduate school in art could be comfortably skipped.) The discussion was pretty damn interesting to keep THIS GUY entertained for that long by 2 people conversing at a table, and occasionally taking drinks of water, so, check it out if you have time.

In the video below, Professor Peterson spent the 1st 10 minutes (of that video at least) trying to talk while the crowd of ctrl-left nutbags shouted, including using a megaphone, beat drumsticks together, held up posters, and definitely made totalitarian pricks out of themselves inside the large classroom,. Due to the subtitles, one can see, but hardly hear, what Peterson was saying to his sympathetic but seemingly-powerless sympathetic portion of the audience.

Oh, wait, I forgot to say what the problem was that the megaphone, loudmouthed crowd had - they didn't like that Jordan Peterson didn't support the REQUIRED use of the 17-odd gender-bender pronouns to address people. He did not support legislation on this, but never went so far as to say it was because they were all silly, unreasonable sickos, even. (BTW, yeah we thought there were 72 flavors, but what the hell do we know?) It's not like the guy was in favor of controlling the Canadian borders or, gasp!, a Trump fan... well at least as far as these sickos seemed to know. We have featured these student snowflakes in video before, but it's been a while. Prepare to be disgusted.

There's really more to be disgusted about though. While inside the classroom, there was not too much Peterson and his sympathetic audience could do without getting violent, and as the Professor said, making the situation worse. This is due to the fact that university administrators of either hard-core ctrl-left themselves and/or don't want to make waves and turn off the gravy train, i.e. they are real cowards. Even just grabbing that megaphone, or pulling a poster out of the guy's hands would be seen as very likely the worst harm they'd (oh, I mean Zee'd, to use the proper pronoun) ever been through. Per-cussive shock waves and other reper-cussions would be felt throughout the land for months.

Then the Professor finally gave up and went outside to lecture to his students on what was learned by him/them not getting violent and upset*, (never even getting around to any of his talk on the ridiculous legislation after this). I didn't particularly agree with all of this ad lib lecture. It's contradictory, what he said, and to paraphrase what he said with what was left of his hoarse voice after trying to be heard inside, then outside,:
This was all annoying, but THAT's OK [there's that fag psychology talk again]. We did the right thing by staying calm. Things will only be solved via conversations. This free speech is necessary so that we can educate these [ctrl-left] people. The most important thing is that we be more articulate and more well-read than them.
Now, it's nice that he's urging his listeners (over the increasingly noisy ctrl-left crowd that came outside to f__k with him some more) to be well-read and articulate, as "that's what they're hear for". Earlier though he explained that these ...
"attempts to shut people down are being made ... as an expression of a philosophy grounded partly in post-modernism and partly in Marxism ..." [Those infernal Commies, again - what's new? In their view:] ".. the whole world is nothing but a battleground between groups of different interests, there's no dialogue, there is no possibility of talking between the groups. It's just a power stage where combat has to take place. So the reason that speakers with whom the radical post-modernists and Marxist don't agree are denied a platform, is because those people do not believe, from a philosophical position, that dialogue can bring consensus ..."
What the deal? Can these people be reasoned with via articulate speech, so's that you can tell them why you need free speech, when they drown out your conversation? What's the plan for when they later on get violent?

"Nothing's more powerful than articulate speech!". I really beg to differ, Professor Peterson. Even the lowly .22 LR round is more powerful, not to mention the .308 ARs and rocket-powered grenades. Do you think these people want a dialogue after what you just went through (OK, 1 1/2 years back)? How will you get through to them when they don't want to listen? They won't listen not because they know they are in the right. They won't listen because they want to shut you down in more ways than you think, Professor. How'd articulate speech from the well-read work 100 years ago in dealing with the Bolsheviks in Russia? How about against Chairman Mao 71 years back in China? Probably as the most extreme example, how'd it work for the near 1/3 of the entire population of Cambodia in the late 1970's when people were shot just because their wearing of spectacles made them APPEAR pretty well-read and articulate? No, Professor, this will not end your way. These people will have to be shut down with extreme prejudice at some point.

Think about this, Jordan Peterson. Would it not have made an even bigger impact on youtube, if a group had come into that classroom with some 2 x 4's and made, well, an impact? Think of the hits, man?!

Well, I guess Peak Stupidity can definitely designate the 3rd week of November as anti-Commie week. Again, Happy Thanksgiving - no internet tomorrow.

* Actually, I believe Professor Peterson was really upset in the classroom but got himself in some weird psychological state to calm down. Keep in mind his own weirdness, seeing that most psychologist have their own problems, explaining why they are in this field - see Psychologists - Heal Thyselves!.

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