Brazilian Bikini Butt Brawl Brings BumBum Banishment

Posted On: Tuesday - November 20th 2018 9:46PM MST
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(Photographers were afforded many more such opportunities for butt-shots, I assure you.)

This is 2-week old news, but we're absolutely sure the reader will be interested. This annual contest for display of the Best Butts of Brazil turned ugly (OK, I'll explain that in a minute) this year, as one of the contestants disputed the validity of the purported winner's rear end. It's called the "BumBum" contest, but IMO, "bum" is not at all a sexy term for a woman's butt. Maybe that's just a British thing, but unarguably, the word "derriere" does a much better job as a descriptive term for a nice one. "Rear" is OK, as a back-up.

OK, you're gonna want to go to the video, I'm su ... wait, just wait for it ... I wanted to remark that this article about the contest ... OK, you'll be back.

"Read" it yet? Good, I was trying to warn all readers that the pictures in that article, and I guess a number of the runner-up-butts in general are, well, not my type. Oh, and there was no cat fight, if that's what you were hoping for ... like me. I like what I saw in the video, in which, the point is, that the young lady who took it upon herself to claim the sash was under the impression that the declared winner had a fake butt, created via surgery. Why would I care? Maybe the surgeon should be the one collecting the prize. Is that her problem? My problem is that if this is the Best of Brazil, then I'm not happy with the contest, so maybe it's just as well they won't hold it again due to this unfortunate incident.

As much as I like smaller butts though, I believe that the termination of the Miss BumBum of Brazil contest is possibly one of the stupidest marketing decisions since the creation of New Coke. It's worse than the decision of the Miss American pageant producers to not have the swimwear competition, as at least we can still see women's personalities on TV, hahaaa, hahahaaa, yeah, right. "No, can't have a catfight between two bikini beauties on TV - ratings are bound to plummet." - no sane marketing manager on this planet.

Alright, well those were Brazilian girls at the top with those bright green Brazilian-flag colored pieces of string. I like this next crowd better, but I'm not sure if they're Brazilian. The picture just came up, and it works here.

Well, if you're gonna get flagged as "inappropriate,
you may as well go (almost) all the way.

There may be light posting through the Thanksgiving holiday, readers, but I will try to put a few up. Enjoy the time with your families.

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