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Posted On: Tuesday - November 20th 2018 10:18AM MST
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Number 1 Commie in all Unz-beckistan:

Peak Stupidity will at first admit a broken promise, one made in the 1st of 2 posts trashing out the pundit Fred Reed, as I was truly sick of that guy's stupidity. I still stand by my opinions of him in Fred Reed's Lifelong Siesta (Part 2), and I'd promised not to read him anymore. Well, I did see his Intelligent Design: Two Weeks in Chengdu and Environs* headline. Seeing as how we have some knowledge of China over here, once I read "Chengdu" I had to go check that one out.

The column itself was a good Reed (get it? [uhhghh - Ed]), as Fred Reed DID NOT do his usual trashing of all things regarding Americans. It was just some observations of his (mostly good) impression of China from the huge city of Chengdu. As commenters started piling on, the discussion went to the politics, of course. We've discussed before (and here how it seems like the Commies have been crawling out of the woodwork, as of late. True, you get all kinds on the internet. I'd read before a few articles on the unz site written by flat-out unapologetic Communists, and some of their followers gotta keep up and chime in, I suppose.

This stuff was RIDICULOUS however! (I urge the reader to take an hour or 2 and enjoy the stupidity.) There were the Chi-Coms spouting out revised history in praise of Chairman Mao, initially agreeing with, but later arguing with, the Russian Commie who wrote the post displayed with the nice red border above. Oh, what were the arguments over? They were over which country had the biggest increase in steel production and GDP under their totalitarian dear leaders, which of these two enemies of the United States were screwed over the most by not being sent free food by us** when they were starving, and, oh, yeah, why that starvation and misery was just bad luck or non existent. It was truly like a Twilight Zone episode on there, per post, #300:
And now, at mile marker #300, I present to you a phenomenon, stranger than that can be imagined by the common blogger. Pervasive throughout a comment section under an obscure Fred Reed travelogue article, on a website deemed to present alternate viewpoints, we find words that have transcended time itself … writing that is SO antiquated, at a radioactive level of stupidity that is transUranic, beyond the Lanthanides, well into the 3-digit atomic values of stupidity … it can be nothing less than a warp in the fabric of time.

I give you arguments over an anti-human philosophy long-debunked and shown to cause death and human misery for billions … appearing on this page 6 DECADES later, made earnestly by a new generation in a condition of ignorance and illiteracy not seen since ancient Sumeria during the time of the Hittites. How did these words get to this page over the ether and 60 years of time?

You, the unz reader, have just entered the Twilight Zone.
These commenters could easily be Soviet and Chi-Com diplomats, writing telegrams back and forth in one of those typical Commie spats that used to go on and sometimes kill a few more million people, back in the 1940's through late 1970's (remember VietNam vs. China?). I have known people whose employers have just this decade moved their manufacturing operations out of the deep caves in China where they were placed to avoid a war with the wrong-type-of-Communist Soviets, back around the early 1960's! Yeah, I don't know, maybe you get more work done in a cave too ... not as many smoke breaks. Americans used to enjoy those intra-Commie feuds, as they kept the weapons from being always pointed in our direction.

How could this type of discussion come back, though? Did nobody learn anything? Could a young Russian man never talk to anyone over 50 years old, and therefore long for the days of the Motherland? How about a Chinaman? It'd seem even more ludicrous to argue for the China of Chairman Mao, as the Chinese are doing so well right now, compared to their 5,000 year history and are damn proud of of that (and their 5,000 year history)! It's quite possible the ignorant commenters are young Americans bearing the fruits of our 5-decades-running program of Educational Stupidity.

I'll tell myself again that this is just the internet, and it's full of all types, including the occasional Communist retard or two. However, it being the internet, there are lots of place to look up facts, and plenty of variety to where comparisons can be made and the truth sorted out, upon one's making an effort. Now, along with that come the blatant lies on the Lyin' Press sites that used to be the monopoly of information on TV. Even those types haven't gone as far as to lie about fairly-recent factual history right in front of our eyes yet. Perhaps that is coming. "Truth is the first casualty of war", they say.

Says a well-known commenter about the "which Communism was better?" arguments:
I really hate to hai-Jack this thread, but we should really have a contest here. Which Communism was best?

On the one hand, in China it was shorter, only 3 decades or so of hard-core Communism, in which fewer than 30,000,000, OK, 40,000,000 million souls perished via starvation, so there just wasn’t enough TIME to really double-down and get that “according to his means” shit going. After ending all the “troubles”, Chairman Mao’s purge Great Leap Forward of ’59-’61 and then the Cultural Revolution of ’66-70′s were part of that “uniting the country thing” to make that omelet outta them eggs. No trouble there. Then they had to go all capitalist and screw it all up by making people rich enough to eat enough rice to get diabetes.

On the other hand, the Soviet Union had 7 decades to have multiple starvation periods, with the wars in between to pick up THE PEOPLE’S spirits a tad. They had enough money to put the 1st man in earth orbit, and another man make the 1st space walk, but the heating bills had to suffer a bit. We got some good writing out of the whole thing, as life in the Gulag did wonders to inspired Alex Solzhenitsyn, or example.

It’s really a toss up, IMO. You had your bread and cabbage lines in the Motherland of the USSR, but in the other Motherland, China, you had your ration cards for American-sent feed corn. Life was hard, but they all LOVE LOVE LOVED it, or else!

Wait, I’ve left out Cambodia. How’d that Communism work out? Let’s not forget Cuba either, no, heavens no, with that FREE healthcare to beat all. I mean, if you got bitten by a shark while trying to sail 90 miles of ocean to the evil Capitalist USA in a 2-man rubber raft, they would fix you right up in the prison hospital back home, FOR FREE!

Man, Communists, I don’t know which of you to pick. YOU’RE ALL WINNERS!
With all these recent Peak Stupidity posts on Communism, easily thought-of as a thing of the past, the reader may rightly wonder if this blogger sees Commies under the bed. No, not yet, but if history continues to rhyme in this way, and it comes down to dealing with people like these, there may very well be Communists under my bed. They will be dead of course, having been dispatched and left until nightfall next to the spare ammo.

* I am pretty sure a little trick here was to include the "Intelligent Design" wording to gather loads of comments from readers who have argued the hell out of that subject when Mr. Reed had written on it at least 2, maybe 3 times in the past. This article had absolutely nothing to do with intelligent design, and Reed's opinions on it, which I mostly agree with.

** That is also wrong, as event though they were arch-enemies, America sent feed corn to China in the 1970's (at least), and future-president Herbert Hoover was in charge of a program in the early 1920's to ship food to starving Russians.

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