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Posted On: Monday - January 2nd 2017 9:45AM MST
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This article is from way back in 1998 (luckily archived). In it, Mathew Richer writes about what was already 24 years ago in '98, the forced integration of the Boston public high schools. He's a good writer, and the article is very interesting.

I have not finished it, and this is just one small part of it, but here is one paragraph about the moms of these kids:

"From its commanders to its foot soldiers, the anti-busing movement was dominated by women. They were mostly stay-at-home moms who wanted to regain control over their children’s lives. These women had long taken for granted that their children could attend the schools in their community, that they had choices concerning their children’s education. Busing was a gross assault on their "natural authority." When asked why she was resisting busing, Charlestown anti-busing leader Peg Smith declared, "I want my freedom back. They took my freedom. They tell me where my kids have to go to school. This is like living in Russia. Next they’ll tell you where to shop.""

I imagine with more mothers still at home with the kids then, there was more good, direct involvement with the schools by them. Also, when's the last time you heard Patriot talk like that, especially from a woman. Times have changed for the way worse.

Now this next short paragraph, which occurred before my first quote is interesting in it's unintentional stupidity. Again, this guy's a good writer, but read this:

"In 1965, the Massachusetts state legislature passed the Racial Imbalance Act, which outlawed "racially imbalanced" schools, defined as any school whose student body was more than 50 percent minority. Every suburban legislator voted in favor of the Act; only those from Boston and Springfield voted against it."

Think about it the math here! Yes, I know they think "minority" just means a black person in this context, but the word still means what it was meant to mean - a part less than 1/2.

So, this is like some kind of thing that would get Dr. Spock's ears turning red, or maybe it would short out the HAL computer of 2001 days. "It is against the law to have more than 1/2 of the kids at school who are less than 1/2 of the kids, and .... shorting out here ... does not compute! Must .... recalculate .... "Daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do .... I'm so crazy ....." [/HAL]

[UPDATE (1/2/17 afternoon):]
I just ran into this article while reading about this statist judge Garrity. He died about a year or so after Mr. Richer wrote the article discussed above.

One paragraph:
"An editorial in the Boston Herald lamented that Garrity 'never deserved the personal threats that dogged his life for years. . . . But it’s important to be clear that . . . massive busing of students across the city was a disaster for the city. . . . Sadly, Judge Garrity’s best-known decision will be studied for lessons in what judges should not try to do.'"

I really would not agree that this guy did not "deserve personal threats". How does the author really know that? How many kids and others did this Mr. Authoritah cause to be beaten up or ruined the entire childhood lives (kinda leaks over into adulthood too) of? How many lives could have been saved or unruined if someone had gotten this judge to just quit his Commie tyrannical control of the school districts of Boston just a couple of years into it. One really would have to read the original long Richer article to see why I feel this way about this guy. RIH, Garrity.

Why is a 19 year-old article about busing, which was discontinued in many places just as long ago being discussed by PeakStupidity.com? We came upon it randomly, but if this is the stupidity level of the late 1990's, imagine what doses we are under in 2017.

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