AntiChrist vs. AntiChrist: I'm staying outta this one

Posted On: Saturday - November 17th 2018 8:33PM MST
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In this corner, the Champion, #1 AntiChrist in all Americastan*,
George Soros (... oros,... oros ....)

Peak Stupidity made mention of some candidates for AntiChrist very early in our blog life, starting with our thoughts here and here. Per our part-time intern, the Soros pictured above has been determined to be the closest to the AntiChrist we could think of. He's been screwing with the politics in the Western world since he emerged from his Nazi-Commie background and out of a vat of 3-month-old goulash in old Hungary. It just seems like the guy especially directs his AntiChristicity toward America in the New World, however.

You take any stupid protest, movement, election-results overturning, etc., and you will likely find this scum-bag behind it. It will continue until there is a stake through his heart, as this guy is well loaded with riches from his economic scheming. This Globalist, Neocon, crony-capitalist, evil rat-bastard is someone straight outta Revelation, if you ask me. Though we see him up in the top picture hanging with the dead (not THE DEAD, just the plain old dead), I don't really think even the dead would want him around.

I'd expect to find the Soros in bed with the other large evil-dealing bastards in the "TECH" "industry", say with heads of Google and Facebook. Therefore, I was surprised to read the Zerohedge headline Soros Responds To "Alarming" Facebook Exposé; Demands "Thorough Investigation" a couple of days back.

Soros and Zuckerberg not getting along? Next thing, it'll be cats and dogs, living together.

And in this corner, the Challenger,
Functionally-autistic Facebook Founder,
one of the Four F.A.G.S. of the Apocalpse,
Mark Zuckerberg ( ... uckerberg ... berg... erg...)

Wouldn't you know it though, the 3rd candidate, yes, the Hildabeast herself, would have to be involved.
Following a shocking exposé in the New York Times revealing how Facebook resorted to guerilla tactics to deflect blame amid their various scandals, including hiring Republican PR firm Definers which cast liberal critics as operatives for liberal financier George Soros, top representatives for the Hungarian-American billionaire have demanded answers.

While Facebook was under fire on Capitol Hill for allowing Russians to purchase advertising during and after the 2016 US election, liberal critics blamed the company for Hillary Clinton's loss - including activist protesters who put a public face on liberal opposition to the social media giant.
I don't know about you all, but this just seems like a 1980's Iran vs. Iraq, or 1960's China vs. USSR type war, where you're much better off letting the two fight it out. Is this like that battle that started in Heaven, also from the Bible, as depicted pretty well by Christopher Walken in The Prophecy. Can two AntiChrists fight it out, right here in the good old USA, using millions of ctrl-left imbeciles as their pawns?

Can a geek like Zuckerberg even be an AntiChrist? He doesn't seem to have the charisma of an AntiChrist. Then again, he has duped a billion or so people out of their personal information and offered them nothing but virtual LIKES, guacamole recipes, and narratives of their significant others bowel movements. It takes a hard man to be that devious.

Peak Stupidity really doesn't know who to root for in this thing. Somehow, we feel, as usual, that the worst will happen - these two AntiChrist candidates may settle their differences in who gets to manipulate the American public the most, and kiss and make up. That's the kind of crap that Revelation is warning us about the most. Hellfire and brimstone are one thing - we've got hurricane shelters, but the pernicious lies that have gone on for the last half-century may lead to THE END:

Sorry for the light posting this week .. got very busy on Friday, then spent part of Saturday commenting against a number of out-and-out Commies on the unz blog. I've got a week worth of posts built up, so more on Monday evening.

* That's right, I'd heard he has a house in New York ... mighty daring of the guy, I'll give him that.

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