Tucker Carlson and the Commies - Part 1

Posted On: Thursday - November 15th 2018 10:27AM MST
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The last post, on Commies and The Great War ended with mention of Mr. Tucker Carlson (above, when somewhat younger). Tucker Carlson has been (OK, let's vote right here and now) Peak Stupidity's favorite youtube* pundit for 1 year in a row running, as we featured him many times including here, here, here, here, and here, though I'm sure I've left a few out. BTW, Ann Coulter is hereby declared best written pundit for, well since we've been around.

We haven't included a post on the ctrl-left attacks on Mr. Carlson's property, after his address was posted for all to see*. There were threats to his family (he has a wife and four kids) and these people stood with signs and ranted and raved on the #1 pundit's front lawn. I'm sure the reader can find stories and videos of these happenings. What's it about? Well, simply, it's that the ctrl-left cannot have one of these guys that delves into the truth and points out the stupidity in modern America, I mean, NOT ON FREAKIN' TV, at least! Even worse, he's very popular! He's gotta be some sort of Nazi, just like that other popular guy, in Washington, FS, the orange-haired dude that keeps on ranting about "Americans first" and stuff! Nationalism, I tells ya'!

First, just to discuss specifically this type of behavior, it takes a lot of self-control by Mr. Carlson, I'm sure, to not do anything drastic. It'd be one thing if he were a single guy - just keep your sidearm and ignore these "protesters" (more about that word later), go in and out of the house at will, and maybe blast a little Southern Rock or AC/DC at the occasional odd hour in the morning. See, nobody talks Hi-Fi anymore, only Wi-Fi - do people with the kind of money of a Tucker Carlson, even buy 200 W speakers with 20" woofers anymore, with not just tweeters, but mid-range "horns", and shit? Well, with these goings-on, it's high time they did! However, Mr. Carlson does have the family to protect and provide with a semblance of a normal life, so that makes the situation different.

A commenter on a Steve Sailer thread suggested using the sprinkler system to gently ward away these scum. Yeah, I could see that, with maybe a beefed-up system - say pumped up to 200 psi - and with red-die injection (nothing if not appropriate, right?) OK, that's a start. However, at some point, not necessarily Mr. Carlson, with so much to lose, but some people on the right will start fighting back. Imagine if you had done some egregiously un-PC thing that went viral, most likely just some truth that slipped out of your mouth, and this crowd decided to come visit. Now, laws vary from state to state, but encroaching on someone's property can result in legal consequences. Of course, you may justifiably shoot one of these "folks" were he inside your dwelling. However, remaining on the lawn is trespassing, once they are warned to leave. I'm not sure about Florida and the "castle doctrine", as I'm no lawyer (though any legal minded readers should feel free*** to chime in here bail me out if came down to it, but self-defense is justified when one is in fear of imminent physical attack. Let's say you confront some of these guys. If they don't back down, you run back to the house (out of fearing for your life, repeat this until you've got it down), and meanwhile the wife takes out the threat with a shotgun slug or .30-06 round through a 4" opening of a front window. This is no advice here, just a prediction of some of the stuff that will happen when there are people who don't have so much to lose.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'd like to make the comparison of this type of behavior by the increasingly violent ctrl-left with what went on in century-ago Germany. As I wrote in the previous post, these Commie-types may not want to plow the same old ground. America, with its (albeit, steeply-declining) 7 decades of peaceful prosperity, may be just the fertile ground that they feel needs to be plowed and seeded with "violence on behalf of the plight of the workers". This comparison will be in 2nd post, coming later today. In the meantime, the reader may want to peruse the related 6 post series called There's Battle Lines Being Drawn..." - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

* Yeah, we're off TV.

** How come that wasn't a problem in pre-1960's America? Besides leaving one's doors and cars unlocked, newspapers regularly referred to regular people by including their addresses with their names, so one could know which Joanna Smith he was reading about. Things sure have changed.

*** By free, I mean pro bono. Now, I am normally very anti-Bono, but I could make an exception, I suppose ...

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