Commies and The Great War

Posted On: Wednesday - November 14th 2018 2:11PM MST
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During some discusstion of WWI on that one-century anniversary of Armistice Day (now celebrated as Veterans Day) on the iSteve blog commenter "Joe Stalin", who has graced this blog too, emedded one video of a cool history-series. This youtube series, presented and narrated by a guy named Indiana Neidell, has been running weekly historical takes on the war in REAL+ 1 Century time, meaning for 225 weeks now! That is something that I wish I'd started watching from beginning. Sure, you don't have to be in front of the TV every Sunday evening at 5 PM, so one can still go through them all anywhere using your tablet. It'd have been really cool, though, to follow it along in forward-100-year real time, and it would probably drive home the amount of death and carnage and uselessness of it all over those > 4 years.

This, not-quite-last, but special video on the Armistice has some material that got me thinking of the rhyming-of-history effect again. As Mr. Neidell discussed the state of the German forces, he mentioned one aspect that I had not heard about before, or possibly didn't remember from my one book on WWI that I've read since just my high-school history, John Keegan's The First World War That was the fact that Communists of some sort were involved in mutinies of German forces in their army and navy. The French commander during the armistice had relented and let the Germans keep a portion of their big guns and other weapons specifically to allow them to quell these uprisings, as they wound down the military.

Now, Peak Stupidity has posted on the issue of the Commies coming out of the woodwork, seemingly on a century or so timescale. Upon looking back one full century, we can see that the infestation of these Commies was already not just confined to Russia, even just a year or so after their Bolshevik revolution. Most of the world remembers the Nazi's more than the Commies as being a cause of the great evil and destruction emanating from Germany in the middle of the past century, but the Commies came first. The Nazi's came into being as a reaction against not only terrible economic times brought on by the unreasonable demands of reparations in the Versailles Treaty (early 1919), but also against the rising of the Communists, as the nearby USSR, formerly Russia, was a great example of what you DON'T WANT TO HAPPEN IN YOUR COUNTRY.

Oh, yeah, about the rhythm of history, the scale of this sort of thing seems to be a century or so, but the locations may change. The Russians have thrown off the yoke of Communism only 3 decades back, and the Chinese have (at least of the hard-core version) about the same time ago. They remember too much. These people need to find new location for this massive campaign of stupidity against human nature, in which that kind of misery has never even been felt. They need to try a new implementation, as "I'm sure it'll work next time. It just wasn't done right those last 5 times and places". I will post shortly more of my thoughts on this which relate, believe it or not, to Tucker Carlson.

It's only 13 minutes or so, this video that I described above:

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