Ann Coulter looks on the bright side

Posted On: Saturday - November 10th 2018 8:30AM MST
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Peak Stupidity was not happy, of course, with the results of the midterm congressional and senatorial election results. It's pretty much about black bloc voting now, and before the election I stated that even "good" results haven't seemed to have mattered a whole lot.

Ann Coulter has a much more optimistic take on the election results. She is nothing if not wonky sometimes, and I have no argument with the specifics of her column, describing the importance of the races won, and what it means for conservatives and Trump supporters. Miss Coulter is always worth reading and is, in fact, rated A+ by the Peak Stupidity "staff", as touted here as number 1 pundit in all Americastan. We have raved about her here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, although we took exception here.

Miss Coulter has a good, snarky sense of humor too, which is second reason why I just had to post about this latest column. Here ya go:
Mercifully, of the 14 GOP traitors who voted for Rubio's amnesty, only six remain in office. Four were beaten, three retired one step ahead of the guillotine and one took the easy way out by dying.

Monday - November 12th 2018 6:34PM MST

"Coulter's got spunk for sure."

Yep, I've been pleasantly surprised with her over the last 10 years. She's great to watch on youtube.
Monday - November 12th 2018 6:33PM MST
PS: Yeah, that's what I mean by the wonkyness. All those details of who will gain this seat, this chairmanship, etc. can be kept up with like a football game, with maybe just as many rules and as much strategy. However, I tend to think that this is (maybe not purposeful) entertainment for those who feel that this all will make a difference. I believe things are beyond chairmanship being gained here, and seats being lost there, which is some of what I've lightly criticized Pat Buchanan about. You get sucked into all this, yet things keep marching on from bad to worse.

Anyway, yeah, the term "public servant" is still bandied about, but none of these public servants appreciate one bossing them around as one might due to a servant - they tend to get their security details all over your ass, if you even hint of treating them as the servants they are purported to be!
Monday - November 12th 2018 8:56AM MST
PS A contributing factor to Repub's loss of House, to which Ann alluded, was the retirement of many Congressmen. A rule dating from the Gingrich rebellion in '94, I believe, is that Repubs require committee chairs to step down after a specified period to make way for new blood. This shows the mentality of politicians. No one wants to go back to being a plain Representative after breathing the heady atmosphere of committee chairmanship. Where, I ask, is the advertised spirit of sacrifice and public service? /sarcasm & snark/
Monday - November 12th 2018 8:43AM MST
PS Coulter's got spunk for sure.
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