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Posted On: Wednesday - November 7th 2018 7:42PM MST
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The very informative map-based graph below was obtained by Peak Stupidity from some comment under a Steve Sailer post on unz a week or more back. As I LUV LUV LUV maps, and we would like to present data some of the time here, rather than just shoot the bull, this one is perfect. Now, this racial, gender, and marriage-status (that last is not on here) voting pattern business is stuff that other bloggers, especially Mr. Sailer, who LUVS, LUVS, LUVS this kind of data, have discussed before, I'm not going to get all into it, but will write a few comments below. It's easy to interpret this and make your own conclusions. I will give one caution and that is that the lighter shades really should have been blended into a purple, Very light/bright red could be almost the same value as very light/bright blue on these graphs:

Look at that 3rd row! It's hard to tell exactly, but almost every state in the union is dark blue, meaning over 90% of blacks voted for D. Their may be a dozen states in the 80-90% range for the male vote, but the female vote and the combined are pretty ridiculously lopsided. For all three maps in that Black row, we see what pretty much anyone with an understanding of the term would call Bloc Voting. The Hispanic maps don't LOOK a whole lot prettier, but the men's one has a large swath of states with the very brighest blue, again, meaning almost the same as those 2 very bright red states.

The numbers would be relatively smaller by an order of magnitude than the Black and Hispanic ones, but I'd still have rather had the "Asian" voting numbers separated between Oriental and Indians. (Those links will explain very well what Peak Stupidity thinks of the new euphemistic terms.) As I wrote in the very last post, the Orientals don't lean R anymore. In this group of 5-10 million, the 1970's-80's contingent of hard-core anti-Commie Vietnamese are not a large part of this group anymore. The Chinese* are a much bigger pot now. As for the (dot-, tech-support-) Indians go, they've never been as conservative politically as they may still be socially.

Now, the complete hard-core utter hypocrisy going on now is that the ctrl-left has been (both pre- and post-) every election, tweet-ragging on white women that they must up their game and vote more in line with the ctrl-left's expectations. These expectations are for white people, period, to be more collectively suicidal. Steve Sailer has written dozens of posts on this, especially regarding the women's vote, and non-coincidentally, here's one from, like an hour ago. Well, just look at the map in row 2, column. Is that bloc voting? No, white people have been voting for who promotes the ideas that they believe in (and really expecting the elected to come through, hahah, ahahahahahaa). Yet, if they slide to a more than 55:45 tilt toward conservativsm, they are very bad people. You know what ctrl-left, fuck yourself and look at these maps, in either order. No, we don't write in this manner every day, but c'mon, these people don't even want to argue in any good faith. I should know that, but ...

Man! It took me 10 minutes, even using wikiquote, with its pages long list of quotes from the man, to finally land back at this VDare page for what I wanted. Mr. Sailer has repeated this quote by the late (2015) Singaporean Strongman* about voting patterns many times:
"In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”
It somehow seems that the internet, in particular Wikipedia, doesn't want you to easily find this stuff. The point is, though, white people aren't going to be able to vote on principle anymore when these ever-increasing groups vote "hey, whatever he stands for, he's the black guy, so, this is easy.".

* This is where I'd like to see this map display data broken out at the county level. For the Chinese vote, one could probably see the university effect, not from students, of course, but from those who stay in the cities, and the Chinese are nothing if not city dwellers. For other reasons too, a less granular map would have been nice.

** Yeah, this time it's not facetious using the term "strongman", as the Lyin' Press does for whomever they don't like running things in America. I believe Mr. Kew would have agreed, judging by some of the quotes I've been reading.

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