Election Day 2018

Posted On: Tuesday - November 6th 2018 11:02AM MST
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We're tryin' to keep up with "current events"* here at Peak Stupidity, but it's not our forte. Even so, I remembered this morning that it is election day just from the fact that the schools are closed. Wasn't that just for every-4 years Presidential elections back in the past? Personally, I think that the governor just wants that steady support from the teachers, and will call school off days for special elections for replacement of the dog catcher,** any wind gusting to over 15 knots, and pretty soon, earthquake watches from the people that give us Global Climate modeling.

I don't know what to tell the reader today. I had to vote earlier due to work that brought me out of town today. It was very busy last week in that voting location, with 6 booths and still a line slightly out the door. The fact that only 10% white people were in the lobby with me, and a look a day later as I drove by that showed a bigger line of the same crowd, I don't think my vote meant a whole lot. It's hard for individuals to vote against THE BLOC. If you feel that voting is a waste of your time just due to the fact that nothing's gonna change just due to a different admixture of the red and blue squads, I can understand that too.

It's probably just a matter of the decent people wanting to delay the inevitable Peak Stupidity, that has been brought about over arguably 6 decades now by the non-decent people of this country. We will get to some bad times financially, socially, and politically, I have no doubt. It's like pulling a couple of decaying teeth out, though. We can do it now, but you may be down for a day, or we can delay it - got an appointment time for you next Spring, and we can supply you with painkillers to last till then - what's it gonna be? It's just that, come Spring, we may need a bigger pair of pliers.

Whatever you do today, readers, watch out for those hanging chads - they'll put an eye out.

*It's just that the term current events seems so quaint now. That's what we called clipping out some news articles and talking about them back in 5th grade. Now, it's just the big shitshow we document as Peak Stupidity.

** I guess dog catching is not very controversial these days, as when have you ever heard the kind of rancor that you see everyday now for national elections in those important elections for dog catcher ... important, if you're a dog, at least.

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