The Green Inferno - Monday Night Horror flick review - Part 1

Posted On: Monday - October 29th 2018 6:59PM MST
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Come for the underwear scenes - stay for the cannibalism ...

... cause she's just not hot enough for this, IMO

The Peak Stupidity blog has been on a kind of savage cannibal kick lately, what with our fisking of Neil Young's Cortez the Killer, general posts of disgust regarding the former sole inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, and, well, we're just really sick and tired of cannibalization. It was that 3rd of the links above for which I found a picture to introduce the post, that happened to be from a movie called The Green Inferno. A the bottom of that post I noted:
OK, I checked around. My file photo comes from a movie called The Green Inferno. Due to this not-quite-illustrious review, "Delete this Racist Movie: New Eli Roth Horror Flick Depicts Indigenous People as Savage Cannibals", I am SO DOWN for seeing this on blue-ray and just put a hold on it from the 'brary. Thank you, reviewer. No, I DON'T normally link to stupidity, but the URL sucked me in, and plus the guy's a PhD, right, so ...
That serendipitously led to this review, which is also a good follow-up from our review of another movie featuring savage cannibals, Apocalypto Now!

On to the review now. Well, the seating was good, and this one was not blurry compared to Apocalypto, as this wasn't straight from youtube, but played on the big screen in the den. There was no need to smuggle in food, so there was that too. Limiting food intake, in hindsight, though, may not be such a bad thing on the viewer's part for this particular "film".

Look, I've never been a fan of the movie rating system. G-rated films came to mean kids movies by some point, as you just couldn't do or say anything to keep that rating. R ones sometimes were not all "R" was cracked up to be, no, no cracks of any sort ;-} a bit too often. Then there's the gore - it doesn't take much anymore to keep the kids out, yet, hell, those are the ones that like all that. Let me tell you though, The Green Inferno needs some kind of triple-G, "intense Gore" rating, as it is something else! I'd read since that the late director, one Eli Roth (who's wife was the star of this one), made this to be strictly part of the old-fashioned horror genre. You would not know that early on, as (note the political statement in the excerpt above) it starts off as a movie purporting to make a political statement - one is not sure which way on the politics it leans.

As far as the politics go, yeah, it's just a movie. One can make anybody look bad, even the noble people of a never-before-contacted Peruvian ugly-assed jungle tribe with more facial decoration than a mid-1990's Seattle grunge band groupie, just out to get an early dinner. Peak Stupidity has indeed been on an anti-pre-Columbian-people kick, but there has been evidence turning up that the Spanish conquistadors were most likely not the (only) bad guys in their interactions upon arriving in the New World. We're on the side that's against these savages, cause we don't like nightmares.

At the beginning of the movie, we see some standard SJW/Student Snowflakes that are gathering at their university to go down to Peru together in order to perform a typical antifa-like act in preventing a logging company from cutting down some jungle near this noble tribe.

The SJWs, consisting of pretty much the whole cast of characters, are either portrayed by bad actors and actresses, or they are really like this. I shudder to think it's the latter case, as the dialogue is just stupider than all get-out. "So this is what a really modern movie sounds like." I thought, knowing that nobody could possibly have made most of the scenes before 2013 (the movie's year of production), as people like this didn't even exist in the imagination 5 years back.

The good news is that these SJW/Antifa - types are not portrayed in the best light, or maybe I should say, as being in the right. That's how it seemed to me, as not only is the ringleader a selfish "virtue-signaler" leading this mayhem for the chicks (hey, why not?), but it turns out that, no, this tribe is NOT the kind of people you want to visit with for as dinner.

Not to get into too much detail here to spoil it, I'll just continue with the synopsis, in which, after having success broadcasting their anti-logging act to the world, the group's Cessna Caravan aircraft crashes into the jungle on the way home. It's very typical in most movies with plane crash scenes, in that it's a stupid depiction of the crash. I'm not sure what could start a fire at the front end of this turboprop engine and why the plane would go into an aileron roll just due the engine having burned up. Whatever gets you back into the jungle, I guess, and that's when we meet the tribe that they spend a lot of time and parent's money saving from civilization.

The cannibalism scenes that appear soon enough make the Apocalypto one seem like a snack of gingerbread men in comparison. Oh, you should have digested all of your gummy bears and worms by this point, I should have told you ahead of time. For those who like the gore and horror, it is all uphill from here, almost until the end of this movie.

That brings me to the reason for having 2 parts to this post. The ending is, well ... I just don't want to spoil it by writing anything now. If you want to see this movie, and like Peak Stupidity (the website, not the social phenomena), I will hold on commenting on the ending for 1 week. That's all I'm giving you - 1 week.

PS: I wanted to end near the non-spoiled ending, of course, but it was interesting reading the reviews, here. The > 500 reviews rate the movie very evenly over the range of number-of-stars. I wonder if some of the very-quick, 5 word worthless 1-star reviews were made by people such as in my excerpt, who simply don't want anyone to see a movie that portrays non-white savage tribes as not quite the wonderful people we say they are.

The top, most-helpful commenter's review title is "I'm a friend of rain forests, are you?" That's kind of disheartening, until you read:
A group of fart sniffing college students head to the Amazon jungle on a mission to save rainforest. Armed with cellphones, and a sense of entitlement, they head deep into the jungle to stop an evil corporation destroying and flattening the rainforests. When there things take an unexpected turn for the worse. Will they make it alive??
Read on - he's just in it for the gore. Maybe you will be too - enjoy!

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