Elton John from his heyday ....

Posted On: Saturday - December 31st 2016 5:49PM MST
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... but this is a pretty obscure song, though it was on a single record.

Listen to the funny lyrics - Elton either didn't want to admit he was gay at this point (1975), or it was hard to find a good rhyme/meter that beat "When along came a senorita; she looked so good, that I had to meet her. I was ready to approach her with my English charm." Let me see "Then along came a young senor, he ...", no, can't make it work.

I also notice from the lyrics that the Mexican populace has a more realistic approach versus our politically correct attitude regarding uppity foreigners. Instead of, "... may we enroll you in welfare, WIC, and hire new teachers to teach your kids in Spanish ...", it's more like "take my advice, take the next flight, grow your own funk at home, amigo!". You know, I think we weeelll! Fuckin' A!

Listen to that hardrock guitar sound by Davey Johnstone.

Sorry, no time to post today, and no posting on Sunday, as usual. We will resume on Monday. Carry on.

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