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Posted On: Friday - October 26th 2018 9:56AM MST
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IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! The damn TV was already on when I entered the gym this morning. There was some damn CNN anchor going on about "the bombs". I write it in quotes, as, we already have known for a few days, they didn't go off, and they didn't seem designed to go off, hence, they were not bombs. Anyway, this post is not particularly about these politically-incendiary devices, but about the infotainment propoganda we are (mostly) voluntarily subjecting ourselves to. I mean "mostly" to modify both "we" AND "voluntarily". As a perfect example, I was lucky this morning to be able to quickly turn off the Lyin' Press stupidity and stash that remote control in a safe, out-of-the-way location within said gym. ;-}

I've only heard about this story at all via blog posts/articles about it on-line. It was enough to just get the gist of it, and I can get more details if I wish. What I saw this morning made me even more certain that, pending the financial crash* that will cause things to get much more real, things will not get less stupid if Americans keep the damn idiot boxes turned on. (That includes acquiescing to them blaring out at the gyms, restaurants, bars, dentist and used auto shop waiting rooms, and battery and tire shops.) The stupid out of those things will neither cease nor desist, so perhaps we all should get wise to that, and TURN THAT CRAP OFF! This morning the bomb narrative was in progress, who knows for how many hours in the early morning already and for how much longer - it only hit me for about that 15 seconds until I found that remote control. However, just extrapolating, knowing it's been already most of a week, I could see (say 10 minutes of every hour) it ending up a month later having supplied the Lyin' Press - that's just this ONE CHANNEL - with 100 hours of propaganda material. That's during waking hours; it's even worse during non-waking hours.

It is partly because the stuff sells. It's supposedly the "big story", but that's how they've sold it to the viewers. Targeting of major political figures, oh my! Not one was touched though, notice. It's also, of course, very poltical, as the ones targeted are definitely the ones that anyone from the right would target, were he so inclined. I'll give kudos for whatever democrat operative most likely planted these. He's pretty down with the pulse of true conservative hatred ... and George Soros lives in NY? Interesting.

Most important to the Lyin' Press is just keeping this story alive for the propaganda reasons more that for the sales (viewers). This is supposed to make conservative look bad in time for the elections, as the Kavanaugh narrative tailed off too soon. C'mon democrat operatives guys, whatddya' need a refresher course? It's all timing nowadays!

One more point here. Even the pundits on the web have obviously determined (from watching the TV, I'm guessing) that this is a story they must write something about. My sample is only the small one of the sites on the blogroll, but Pat Buchanan, for example, has chimed in with a column. Look, I understand that the original finding of these fake bombs was news, then a few follow-ups were in order. However, this is now the month-long narrative of infotainment. Leave this stuff behind, people, I implore you, for the love of all things truthful!

* See also Part 2 and Part 3 of the Peak Stupidity series "There's a lot of ruin in a nation."

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