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Posted On: Wednesday - October 24th 2018 9:11PM MST
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First off, I really need to hear this chant in it's entirety. I keep hearing snippets on videos, or 100 voices smeared together, so I don't think I've got it. I read somewhere it's from the crowd that attends Communist Kickball, soccer, aka Futball. In the case in point here, it is chanted by a bunch of British Army soldiers in informal support of Tommy Robinson. Mr. Robinson (real last name Lennon, maybe I can see why he doesn't want to use that one!) has been a stalwart patriot for free speech in England, as documented on Peak Stupidity here, here, and here, working against the extremely Orwellian Police State that has metastasized there.

I will include more of the latest on the Orwellian Anarcho-Tyranny in Britain and it's military force, as related to Tommy Robinson, tomorrow. However, I just wanted to show this 30 second very uplifting video. It is uplifting to me, but more so, one can see that the support of his fellow real British young soldiers is for Mr. Robinson too. Now, what you can see, and what I have to say here quickly is contrast to much Peak Stupidity implorement (yeah, not a word) to the reader and Americans to read what people say and do, rather than getting the (often faked) emotion on TV to decide what to think. I've got to say, though, that the emotion in this video is something else. As he says, but his big smile shows moreso, this show of support from his real countryman was worth all [the British police state shit] that he's been through. What a feeling it is, too!

More on this tomorrow, as it's really a bigger story than that of Tommy Robinson, and we'll link to a great (as usual) John Derbyshire article to explain.

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