Trump and the Caravan - Part 2

Posted On: Wednesday - October 24th 2018 10:47AM MST
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(continued from previous post)

As Peak Stupidity left off, the Caravan of Undesirables is somewhere in Mexico, northbound and down. You'd think, with the internet and all now, one could get their exact position easier than it unsuccessfully seemed to me a minute ago, compared to 1973, the time and publish date of the fictional Camp of the Saints. In that book, near a million dot-Indian riff-raft (get it?) were floating, or steaming toward the Mediterranean coast of France, and roughly kept track of with the same morbid foreboding interest. The similarities between that story and this current event are striking, probably good for a post to come. [Duly noted - Ed]

This post is to be about President Trump more than the caravan, I just reminded myself. You may want to quickly readview the Steve Sailer non-post The Committee to Re-Elect the President Breaks Through Into Mexico, for just a second. I wrote "non-post" not as an oft-handed insult, but this one is nothing but the headline and a picture of that caravan, similar to our photo in yesterday's post. This is Steve Sailer's method of snark, and he is nothing if not a genius at it! It's the comment section, with 200 of them as of this writing, that had the back-and-forth discussion of whether President Trump was handling this, and all Immigration Stupidity. That'll take an hour or two of interesting reading that I decided to stay out of, and say it here.

First, before anyone gets any underclothes out of position here, this is a standard disclaimer: NO, Peak Stupidity would NOT have rather had the Hildabeast in this office (or really anywhere, she can have any effect on ANYTHING). We are glad Donald Trump was elected, including over ¡Jeb!, and even Ted Cruz*. We still like the guy.

Now, the problem is that our President is ineffectually watching this caravan like the rest of us, or those who watch TV, very much like on the radio in Camp of the Saints. It's pathetic, as I stated in the previous post. It is shameful that we should have to worry about it. We do, but it is big infotainment too, that may or may not distract for the issue of the normal hundreds of 1,000s of illegal aliens that come in day-in and day-out. Many feel, as per the Sailer headline, that this will shed more light on the problem and bring out Conservative voters to vote "R" in these mid-term elections.

"Yes!", they exclaim, we are #¡Winning!**. We'll have a red tsunami, or at least no blue wave. Hey, guys, um, we have had a Republican majority Senate and House, with the best president we could have expected, for 2 years running, already! I imagine things being much worse if we'd have had anybody (we had a chance to elect) but Donald Trump - see disclaimer above. However, things are still not getting any BETTER. We really have got to at least get to where we've stopped digging. That'd mean a serious border barrier, total curtailment of the cheap-labor work visas, and a moratorium or 75-90% cut in all legal immigration to boot. That'd be just the stopping of the digging. We could go somewhere from there.

Now, I'm not here, today at least, to explain what the President should be, and should have been, doing better. It's more about this attitude of people that if we keep electing the right people, it'll all be good. NO, IT WILL NOT BE ALL GOOD. An imaginary conversation may do a better job for me on this than regular text:

PT = President Trump
TS = Trump Supporters/Voters
FB = Federal Bureaucracy

Stardate: Today # of aliens present: Toward 30,000,000

PT: "We will do something to stop this caravan at the border."

FB: "Yeah, well, we will dispose of each case, in court, per the law and the judges, when the perps come back on their court dates."

TS: "Either way, this is great. Now, we've really gonna get out the vote!"

Stardate: Early November this year, after processing
# of aliens present: 7,000 more, plus the usual thousands getting through weekly.

PT: "You see what's happened, people? We need better judges and a better Congress and Senate. Please vote."

TS: "You got it. My ballot's been in. We need an even bigger share of the white vote, and, with this development, we'll get it!"

Stardate: Two years hence. # of aliens: 1 million or 2 more. Oh, and a few more million offspring attain voting age.

TS: "Well, in these last two years, we've not seen a serious stop to the immigration invasion hole digging, per the Peak Stupidity blog. We've got loads of R's in office, but not all of them turned out to be on our side. Dang, let's try harder."

PT: "If you elect me, I'll do my best, at least as well as my treasonous underlings let me. I've been tweeting about these bastards for years!"

TS: "You got it. We now need about 75% of the white vote to win, but we can do it, as everyone's REALLY, REALLY PISSED NOW about this immigration problem."

I may continue this later, on, but do I need to? Let me summarize. It will not matter how many Red-squad people are in office, if we let this problem go on for much longer. Sure, this problem brings OUT the Conservative VOTES, but it also BRINGS IN the non-Conservative VOTERS.

* The guy SOUNDED better on immigration than Trump, and maybe he would have been, but I absolutely did not trust that he meant anything he said. (Yes, I could be wrong, but kinda doubt it.)

** Sorry, I didn't know what to do with all those spare upside-down exclamation points. ¡GET! ¡USED! ¡TO! ¡IT!
)the way things are going)

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