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Posted On: Friday - December 30th 2016 6:10PM MST
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I had an acquaintance at the dormitory who had a large Canadian flag in his room. After I inquired whether he was from Canada, he told me that, no, he is just a BIG Rush fan. I don't know if I'd develop a deep loyalty to another nation just based on one band. I will admit that I can't think of any bad musical artists from Canada, and I'll put a few more on here soon. (No don't bring up anyone name Bieber - I don't care who he is or what he does - he can't possibly be worth a damn, so don't start with me.)

Anyway, this guy let me listen to Limelight and Tom Sawyer from the album Moving Pictures. It is pretty rockin' stuff, but only later on did I come to like Red Barchetta, from the same album, even more.

This band is very tight, as in, they do stops for say 1/2 second or so, and back in time, so well. That seem to be different from The Grateful Dead, showcased here a lot, who sometimes headed in different directions during a song, and I don't think were what you'd call "tight" (oops, gotta be really careful what I say in this environment - the place is literally crawling with Dead Heads - I mean "literally" depending on what type of doctor-prescribed medication they are on, and whether we turn on the blacklights ;-}

Anyway, here - it is Geddy Lee singing and playing bass (or keyboards), Alex Lifeson on guitar, and Neil Pert on drums:

The lyrics tell a story too - great song, and hey, these guys are libertarians.

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