The Coming Out of Lindsey Grahamnesty? - Part 3

Posted On: Wednesday - October 17th 2018 6:48PM MST
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(continued from this post, from yesterday.)

At this point, I'm veering off into a more basic discussion than whether Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty, as seen in his performance in the US Senate recently, has come out as a patriotic American (or at least a guy that tries to represent them). This is about the whole behind-the-scenes scene. It's not comprehensive, by any means, as none of us at this level really know. It's just Peak Stupidity's attempt to answer the question of whether anyone in high office in America CAN, much less, IS TRYING, to help us maintain our original nation in any way, shape, or form.

BTW, between the writing of these posts, Miss Grahmnesty just tweeted something a day or two ago indicating that he was going to trade off amnesty for a wall, or some such traitorous thing. Yeah, so he's not come out. That kind of answers the question for that guy (hence we are back to full-insult mode). Judge Kavanaugh indeed got confirmed with the help of this guy - what does that prove now? (They'll be a bit more on this later on.) Yes, things seemed to have changed for the better with this one Senator after his buddy (or some sort) died, but I'm guessing it's business as usual now.

Let's write more about guys like this:

As I wrote in the last post on this topic, it's likely not the simple multi-millionaires that determine what legislation gets passed in the US Feral Gov't. It's the real power behind the scenes, such as the Globalist scum-bag above, who put the big money into the campaign coffers of their puppets to make the policy they want (and we don't). Let me emphasize one thing yet again: As we stated in Stupid vs. Evil and long-term conspiracy theories, we don't believe there are any - long-term (centuries-long) conspiracy theories, that is. That's not to say there haven't been powerful families and powerful foreign interests pushing policy on unwitting Americans for a long time. We just don't think there are long-term plans drawn out, but just the same stupid or evil ideas getting pushed by the same types, over and over.

In the case of the US Senate, I don't believe that the plans for more Neocon, Immigration-Invasion, etc. legislation or non-legislative acts of power are written out or verbally communicated in meetings. It's just that large portions of the august body of the US Senate understand what "you have to do" to keep getting the big re-election/un-offical-bribe money. Whether it's making sure we are generally on the offense against anything anti-Israel, supporting the Global Climate DisruptionTM idiocy, or bringing in 100,000's of "refugees" into America to stay and make foreign colonies here, it's just "what you do". Well, if you don't, you are an outsider, and the wife bitches that the press and everyone else at the Washington, FS cocktail parties shuns you, or a lot worse is threatened to happen.

That evil guys, like the one above, are not omniscient, but he knows where (who) to effectively invest his money. Back to Miss Grahmnesty and his star performance, I imagine there were people who reassured the whole Washington insider crowd in some way that, "yeah, don't fight it too hard. We'll get our way in the long run with this guy. Feel free to do what you need for constituent-retainment this time." It doesn't have to be a memo, just the word on "the street" - probably some street on an island somewhere where they bugger kids, I dunno. Sure, Kavanaugh has been billed by the good guys (VDare is my source on this) as a real patriot on immigration. Yeah, and Judge Roberts was supposed to be a Constitutionalist too, as I recall. Then, he goes casting the deciding vote to say that a mandate by the Feral Gov't saying everyone must pay money for a service (health insurance) is just perfectly constitutional. Yeaaahhhh!! [/Kramer, Cosmo]

There are probably Globalist or Deep State people that know that this new Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh will do the right thing (for them) when the time comes. You're quite right that I'm a glass-empty guy on this stuff. I'd like to be pleasantly surprised. I don't see it happening, only because I've been following American politics for quite a while. Since the mid-1990's (more here, regarding the Supreme Court, in particular), things just don't get better in American politics. They just don't. To fix things here, people are going to have to get beyond politics.

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