Youtube down - looks like hackers, and more power to them.

Posted On: Tuesday - October 16th 2018 6:55PM MST
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Haha! I noticed this first here on Peak Stupidity. It got me a tad worried, until I saw the same thing where all the youtube embedded vids should be on Ron Unz, the site owner/editor/programmer does not mess around. If his site doesn't work correctly, I usually would suspect the whole damn Internet Protocol has failed! ;-}

Here I was all set to write a post on the card-, or at least DNA-carrying Senator Fauxahontas of the nations of the lower Massachusetts. It's just as well, as there is so much funny material on that deal, I hardly know where to start. As I looked for a related music video to match the post, I saw that youtube is not working correctly, period, even just view on the site directly.

Woah, I just checked Peak Stupidity on a mobile browser - not so pretty right now! The embed frames seem to have screwed up the formatting on the main page. Sorry folks, it should go away when youtube gets its act together.

Yes, I did write "more power to them". I appreciate a good hack like this, since it's humorous, in addition to the fact that youtube is part of the Orewellian F.A.G.S., they tyrants of TECH, as it were. (See The F.A.G.S. space and new competition). I will miss them by tomorrow afternoon or so.

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