The Coming Out of Lindsey Grahamnesty? - Part 2

Posted On: Tuesday - October 16th 2018 9:48AM MST
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(continued from the previous post.)

Was he whispering "You're gonna damn well do what I tell you!"?

or more like, "Remember our orders!"

Besides just continuing to give the Senior* Senator from South Carolina lots of insults due to the long political memory of Peak Stupidity, the questions remains: Are any of these "conservatives" in government for real? Do they really want to help Trump and patriotic Americans (try to) keep their country, or is it just a show.

As to Lindsey Grahamnesty in particular, my feeling is still "NO" on both. I would like to be proven wrong over the next few years, in which, case, I'll lighten up on the "light in the loafers" quips. We'll see if what happens during another amnesty push. Oh, you don't see one coming? That's how they want it. I'll use the right spelling from Miss Lindsey's last name even, if he opposes the next amnesty, and supported President Trump on border control.

In the particular case of this guy, there is something weird about his changing after the death of Juan McAmnesty (as the reader may already know, not a popular guy around here, even in death... well, more popular in death, at least.) We can come up with even more jokes, but Senators Graham and McCain were (some sort of) buddies, with McCain seeming to lead this pair in supporting the "invade-the-world, invite-the-world policy very strongly.

Since he's lost his mentor, has he gone native conservative?

I'd figured that both of them were under the thumb of some really big-money Globalists of the Deep State. Don't get me wrong, Senators are all multi-millionaires these days. (Hmmmm, they must be very frugal folks, as the current salary of $174,000 gross just doesn't seem to amount to that much after taxes and food and ties and stuff. Maybe they save some of that per diem money by eating fast food, I dunno?) However, that is not the level of big money of the big Globalists behind the scenes that want certain specific things accomplished - cheap labor forever, multiculturalism in order for a smooth transition to a world-wide 3rd-world, you know, that kind of thing.

Was Graham under only Senator McCain'g thumb? Did he come out of his conservative closet since the death of that (other) scumbag? I don't know. I just think the pressure is from guys bigger than McCain, such as the gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson. Imagine, one guy from Nevada was helping re-elect** a South Carolina senator to implement amnesty and control gambling, all for his casinos all of them 2,000 miles away. I'm just not sure how that was supposed to help the 5 million S. Carolinians at all, yet this is the senior Senator from South Carolina, one of 2 representing that State in that "August Body" in the Washington, F.S. I believe it's the same with all of these Neocons.

Grahmnesty may have had plenty of reasons to help confirm Judge Kavanaugh, such as the fear of this #metoo on the white guys getting out of hand and being used against people like him (mentioned yesterday) or fear of the SC voters actually remembering this in 2022 (probably unfounded, and that goes for all states, nothing personal). Since he was going to vote YEA as he did, why not make it memorable for his voters and conservatives around the country. Put on a show - get on youtube! (Not everyone is famous enough to get on youtube, right... no, wait...)

I could be wrong, but more on that, and the way I think speculate things work behind the scenes in a final post tomorrow.

* Not in the "gumming down his creamed corn at the early bird special" kind of way, yet, but they all seem to stay there until their 80's nowadays.

** No, it doesn't help that voters don't come out for the primaries, and just pull for R or D for the final election.

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