ICE jails Chinese Spy Si Chen

Posted On: Saturday - October 13th 2018 9:31AM MST
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NOT Si Chen, but Julie Chen,
and not under arrest for anything (far as we know):

She's probably not even kin to Si Chen, and they're not all spies, see?

(Note: Listen I couldn't find a photo of the lady in question,
so this is all I could come up with.)

VDare now has a continuing series with stories of arrests by ICE, Iimmigration and Customs Enforcement. If you've read this Peak Stupidity for any significant length of time, you've gotta know that we are NO FANS OF THE US FERAL GOV'T. Immigration and customs (people and stuff) control is one area that is actually a Constitutionally approved function of the US Gov't (look under the preamble* to see "provide for a common defence" - nope, they were wise men, but not the best spellers ;-}

It is good to read about what does get done to export the serious criminals of the immigration-invasion set, but it's just drops in the bucket so far. There IS the effect of discouraging the rest from staying out in the sunshine, but it's not enough. BUILD THE WALL! After that, the deportations will mean something positive, not just a decrease in the negative.

The latest ICE arrest report post, from today is ICE: Los Angeles-Area Woman (Si Chen) Sentenced to Federal Prison in Scheme to Smuggle Restricted Space Communications Technology to China. Notice even VDare called this Miss Si Chen an LA Woman, specifically from Pomona, though they normally would not be so PC. She is NOT a citizen, and probably not a green card holder; she's just called a "Chinese National". Was she just over here doing the defense industry jobs American electrical engineers just won't do? What WAS she doing here, besides:
... Chen used several aliases and a forged Chinese passport to conceal her smuggling activities. Chen used a Chinese passport bearing her photo and a false name – “Chunping Ji” – to rent an office in Pomona where she took delivery of the export-controlled items. After receiving the goods, Chen shipped the devices to Hong Kong, and from there the items were transshipped to China. The parcels shipped to Hong Kong bore her false name, along with false product descriptions and monetary values, all done in an effort to avoid attracting law enforcement scrutiny.
When you read these types of stories, just like with any kind of standard criminal behavior, you know there are lots more that didn't get caught yet, and plenty that never will. Even the ones that do, for the piddling amount spent by the Chinese gov't, they may have cost the America defense industry, OK, offense industry, 10's of millions in development costs. There are plenty of actual Americans who can do electrical engineering and electrical technician work, but the universities bring over the foreigners for the bucks. No one involved seems to give a rat's ass about the future.

You've also got to really wonder what the Neocons (see 2nd part also), have to say for themselves about stories like this. Their "invade-the-world, invite-the-world" strategy** is not working out too well here. They are the ones that LOVE LOVE LOVE the massive immigration from EVERYWHERE (we don't care), yet if they want to keep invading the world, they'd really better think about the technology-dependent state of the US military, and it's ability to keep its advantage. Otherwise a very serious amount of people will get killed in a non-lopsided real war.

Should these neocons be ragging on Russia, much less China? The Russians have been getting more cozy with the rest of the Asians, as we piss them off every day. One can't blame them. Screw with Russia, and the Chinese may just remotely flip that one transistor that makes all that hardware just go to "stand-by" mode. They'll be a lot of blinking LEDs that are supposed to be steady!

BTW, the CNBC (caution, "System Media") article on this story is LA woman arrested on charges of smuggling US space technology to China. Who are you all kidding? Miss Si Chen just doesn't sound like an LA woman, and definitely not THE LA Woman. Sure, things were pretty whacked-out in Los Angeles in 1971 when Rock legend/weirdo Jim Morrison sang this. However, California was still a paradise then, and Chinese people could not willy-nilly arrive in California, get a job in the defense industry, and go about sending high-tech items to China. I don't even think anyone in China knew how to read a blueprint back in the Mao era anyway - too busy struggling against the capitalist roaders and/or starving to death.

Listen to The Doors and tell me if Si Chen is the LA Woman the song evokes:

"Where the little girls in their Hollywood bungalows?
Are you a lucky little lady in the city of light,
or just another lost angel?

(The rest of the song, from the album of the same name, is about the city Los Angeles, not any particular woman.)

The Doors were:
Jim Morrison – lead vocals, harmonica, percussion, synthesizer
Ray Manzarek – keyboards, vocals
Robby Krieger – electric guitar, vocals
John Densmore – drums, percussion

* In case I get a retort to the effect of, "well, 'to promote the general welfare' is in there too", which is abused to no end, there is VERY SPECIFIC wording in the Bill of Rights to tell us that the government can not do most of what is done to "promote the general welfare".

** If you can call stupidity a strategy, that is, this term was coined by either Steve Sailer or someone else at VDare, to the best of my recollection.

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