Fred Reed's Lifelong Siesta - Part 1

Posted On: Friday - October 12th 2018 6:19AM MST
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From "Fred on Everything" to "Fredricko on Mehico".

This post has been stewing in my gut for some time now, and I did promise to mention this pundit while writing about other sites on the short Peak Stupidity blogroll last week. Let's get it out - it'll feel a lot better afterwards.

Fred Reed is a good writer (can't deny that) whom this blogger has enjoyed since the early 00's on his still existing FredOnEverything site. He writes like the battle-worn gonzo-journalist type who's "seen it all", gotten cynical as all hell, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of him or his opinions anymore. Hey, we can relate to that! The Curmudgeonry topic key is associated with this post due to Mr. Reed, not this writer, the usual reason. His past articles, and even about half of his current ones, are great eviscerations of feminism, race-unconsciousness, big government, etc. There's a lot of overlap with Peak Stupidity, in fact, and I will admit right here that Mr. Reed writes about it in a more readable manner. Whatever.

Fred Reed left the good old USA (should be emphasis on old) about a decade ago to live in Mexico and has a new family there. Good on him. As I wrote in Down to the banana republics .... went Fred Reed, it'd be very tempting, as a single guy especially, to get out before Peak Stupidity. I did warn Mr. Reed, or anyone reading, that it'll be nice living off the US dollar, until it's not anymore. He now writes as an outsider commenting on the stupidity he sees in his old country.

This is the first part of the stupidity of Fred Reed that I've finally gotten sick of, causing me to quit reading the old man. As a resident of Mexico, Mr. Reed sees the good of the country that is often not extolled here by real Americans. See, we patriotic Americanas are kinda worried about being completely overwhelmed by 30,000,000 (OR SO!) of those who are more of the riff-raff than Mr. Reed's senora's friends at the engineering schools, art museums, and beautiful cafes. I don't doubt that there are nice things in Mexico. More power to you, Mr. Reed, in your newfound Mexicanity, living down there on your SS in US dollars. However, your country's slow invasion of America is just something we never wanted and are trying to do something about. (More on this in a bit.) Fred Reed's newest thing is to write some, well half the time, decent commentary, and then put his Mexican travel brochure information at the bottom. We're the assholes, though, for not having all nice things to say about Mexico.

It's not just his stupidity on immigration, but his complete AntiAmericans-ism (note the bold "s" there) embedded in almost all of his articles, that is just erroneous. Mr. Reed does not live here, and must only come to visit his grown child(ren?), so therefore makes the stupid mistake of thinking TV is pretty much reality. Yes, we've become nearer a Police State since he's left. Yes, there's extreme feminism around, enough to make most non-Westernized countries paradises in THAT respect. Yes, there are 32 or more other flavors of stupidity that one can observe, especially ON TV. It's not the way we all live, though, Fred. You should have known during all your time in Vietnam, riding around with cops, and all that stuff, the TV isn't reality. Did you forget all that? Mr. Reed thinks all Americans are stupid morons at this point, because he glues his eyes to the Kavanaugh hearings, and the like. It's time to get out, Fred, see a donkey sex show, drink some tequila with the Federales, and enjoy the real Mexico. See, two can play at this game.

I believe one more aspect of Fred's exaggerations is that the American customs/immigration service often treats Americans like crap on arrival into the country nowadays, in a way that should be reserved only for people from countries like, say, I dunno, Saudi Arabia, and maybe Mexico? It is one area of the Feral Gov't that needs to be tough, but they do act like arrogant assholes lots of the time. Then there's the TSA, of which I have nothing but abhorrence for, as a Constitutionalist. Upon seeing these 2 organizations on every trip, Mr. Reed probably sees this as the state of all things. It's tunnel vision, not something that a seasoned reporter/pundit like Mr. Reed should have. Upon getting this malady in his old age, maybe he should quit the pundit business and sell chicklets and blankets* at the border.

I don't have to Reed this guy, of course, and I won't anymore. I haven't really explained why I have a real animosity toward him yet, so ... coming in Part 2 just a bit later, end of business day for sure! The post title will make more sense at that time.

* Now, there's some Montezuma's Revenge for ya. The European settlers accidentally gave them small pox supposedly via the blankets, so now they sell us blankets that fall apart in the wash. Bastardos!

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