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Posted On: Friday - December 30th 2016 3:24PM MST
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... who, apparently, didn't have the pocket money for bras and blouses - more power to 'em - but, listen, even the articles are starting to all suck (well, this post is a bit behind - I should have written this 20 years back).

[OK, now this is not the particular copy perused by your blogger, but I do have an answer to the headling: "Because you people didn't have the brainpower to do science, you couldn't invent anything, and when it came time to defend yourselves against the Spanish, they kicked your asses and took whatever precious metals you had." OK, $5 saved, you're quite welcome.]

I picked up a copy the other day from the coffee table at a business. The first article I started reading went on about how these people here are in trouble due to Global Climate DisruptionTM. I've seen this over and over in this magazine. They want to beat us over the head with this BS, and one cannot enjoy the articles, which used to be just about exploration, geography, and discovery. Why would any sane person lay down the $5, or whatever the newsstand price is, when the native girls, instead of smiling and showing off their boobs, are bitching about it being too hot, too cold, not enough rain, too much humidity, bra strap's too tight, etc?

I would hope there are archives on Nat. Geographic website from the 60's through 80's so bloggers, I mean, you readers could enjoy it late at night over midday latte.

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