Lifeline Screening is a SCAM

Posted On: Thursday - October 11th 2018 7:39PM MST
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This place is a big SCAM.

I promise to not make more than a post or two about this sort of thing each year. I don't even have an appropriate topic key for badmouthing consumer scams. It's not really what Peak Stupidity is all about. I was ready to start up the anti-pundit ranting again, but I got something in the mail from these people today, and it was the last straw. Thousands and thousands, or so, of Peak Stupidity readers should be aware: "Lifeline Screening" sucks!

It was a couple of years ago when I saw that they had a van parked at a location that I'd visit anyway, right when I needed to do a simple lab test. The price seemed reasonable. I regretted this move before I even had the needle in my arm, as the reception lady asked too many questions and couldn't tell me exactly when they'd get back to me. It was more than a month, and that was after giving them grief on the phone, and having to go in to another lab and pay more money to get the results I'd needed by that time. I just recalled that, on the phone, these scammers wanted additional information on me before they would even talk to me about what happened to the test results.

Then the results, when they finally came, instead of being fairly precise numbers with ranges, came in pretty red/yellow/green striped bars with vague answers to questions like: How much low-density cholesterol is was (about a month back) in a deciliter of my blood. It didn't give me 1/2 of the numbers of the panel that the Doc had asked me to get.

You'll see the Lifeline Screening vans parked at schools or churches. Avoid them.

Back to our usual stupidity programming shortly, and I'm stuck on a learning curve in getting all the embedded videos quickly (yeah!) working again.

Friday - October 12th 2018 11:04AM MST
PS: Haha, James. As I wrote in a post quite a while ago, (last paragraph)

I've got a neighbor who is against pretty much anything I'm for. Some of the voting in the local elections is easy, as I just look at her yard sign. If she's for him, I against him.

That makes decisions easy. ;-}
James M Dakin
Friday - October 12th 2018 9:49AM MST
PS My stepdaughter and her husband are really great people. The kindest hearts you'll ever find. And, unfortunately, they go through life with their heads right up their asses. They loved this company. That was all I needed to know to avoid them.
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