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Posted On: Wednesday - October 10th 2018 6:40PM MST
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Here's a song from, what do they say, LITERALLY the CURRENT YEAR.

I'd never heard of this band until the other day, listening to a number of their songs while working out. That almost didn't help me find them either. The thing is, it's not like you hear DJs much anymore - the music comes from Spotify or just people's own collections. I.e. nobody comes on to tell you the song or band names., so I was desperate to catch some lyrics that were specific enough to look one of the songs, hence the band, up.

OK, readers, before you chalk me up as an idiot regarding the Artificial Stupidity, specifically the ubiquitous phone, I do know there is a program, oh, excuse me app, for this. I am trying to pin it down, but I think at least 8 years ago, maybe as much as 10, a friend showed me how the phone could identify a song, as he held the mike up toward the music at a restaurant. I was very impressed and still am. It's not just the separating the noise from the signal well enough. I am just impressed by whatever database and other software is used.

Think about this: In digital form, the music is nothing but bytes representing a wave of amplitude. At some normal sampling rate though, with 2 bytes use per sample, even 5 seconds of the song may be > 100,000 bytes. OK, this sample of numbers in sequence must be compared to 100's of thousands or millions of songs. How do you order a search like this? I'm no database guy, but I am very impressed. It found the song in about 10 seconds or so, but I'd have been impressed if it took all day.

See, I'm not a total curmudgeon - I do appreciate the power in this stuff. However, I am still a bit of one, as I don't carry my phone around like some sort of appendage. Therefore, at the gym, I had to remember those lyrics, as I wasn't going to quit my workout in the middle.

BINGO, youtube found it for me, not a regular web search.* The band is a modern one, which I'd figured while working out, named Sunflower Bean with a hot-blond lead singer who does like to show off her body (moreso in some of the other videos). However, she sounds good, and plays bass too, which seems to always make for a good band. (See, The Beatles and The Police, the latter a 3-man band too). This song, Crisis Fest is the one I recalled the lyrics to. From their '18 album Twentytwo In Blue, it's damn good stuff, for the current year, anyway. The energy in it reminds me of a 10 y/o song that I'll put up later this week.

Julia Cumming** - bass and lead vocals
Nick Kivlen - lead guitar and vocals
Jacob Faber - drums

They are from the NYC area, like KISS, the Spin Doctors, but I'm not sure who else, really.

* BTW, as I searched, I came upon a few erroneous results that I had to listen to to check. One was the typical modern music that I don't like, with the vocals going up and down on single notes in a fashion that is tiresome, annoying, or more like just sickening. I wanted to show that, but I'll save it for another post when I'm trying to cull down the readership. ;-}

** Yes, that's fortuitous, I suppose ...

[Updated 10/14:]
Cut off the first 50s of the video. I'd forgotten to do this. I don't know these people, so I don't get off on watching them mill around the bar. It's a good song, people, just play it.

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