More Pundit vs. Pundit, and the Great William Banzai7

Posted On: Friday - October 5th 2018 9:44AM MST
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This week will just end up as a bunch of rants and criticisms against other blogs and pundits, I suppose. It's all constructive, right? Peak Stupidity has discussed before, in Pundit vs. pundit during the slow death of the Lyin' Press, this phenomena:
In the article linked to near the top, and hundreds or thousands like it "printed" every day, the people under discussion in the article are often other pundits. "Pundit-A's article last week, was subject to a nasty review by Pundit-B, who received lots of likes, but also was torn to shreds by Pundit-C, who is not always right, so let me set him straight here." This crosses over into the TV-pundit world too. "Pundit-C will be interviewed by TV-Pundit-D on his show come Sunday morning, and I will point out his stupidity on my blog Monday and interview Pundit-E about it".
I was about to write the very same thing again as this next Peak Stupidity self-excerpt, from just this spring, but I'll paste it here too:
It's all in their pundit world, and one wonders how important all the discussion is, even though it may be about all the major problems of the day. It could be VERY IMPORTANT stuff for the public to know about (some of the time), but these guys need to think about once in a while that, hey, not 10 % of the American public has ever heard the names of any of you people, and maybe 2 % read any of you people consistently! What's the point, then?
Granted those number were obtained via rectal extraction, but if you don't believe they are small, thing about this: You are obviously interested in politics in some way, as a reader of this blog. You may discuss the writing/opinions of various bloggers with friends, thusly - "Sailer wrote a great post today about ... yeah, I don't read that other guy anymore ... this other one should go viral, as people need to hear this stuff... etc". That's just it, though. You probably talk to these friends a lot, because they ARE interested. Loads of more friends and aquaintances mostly likely don't know or care to know any of these writers, which is why it's hard to make a difference until your opinion, or YOU, make it onto TV, which is really damn unfortunate (that people still watch that idiot box ... OK, "idiot plate").

A reader may, after reading this week's COB (Criticism Of the Blogroll) think, "hey, they could have a lot to say about Peak Stupidity too, you arrogant so-and-so!" I really wish they would, as "any publicity is good publicity", "they" say. I'm here to defend my opinions and would welcome (some) criticism. OK, I've made a few boo-boos in content because looking things up slows me down. Yeah, we need more proofreading. We do tend to say "we" when we mean "me". Sure, the usability is crap so far, as we've not done improvements in > 1 year. Yeah, but other than the few boo-boos, the proofreading, the royal "we", and the usability, THIS SITE IS PERFECT!

After our disappointment in the state of noted on Tuesday, here's a good feature from the old ZH that they still have kept going. It's the cartoons from a guy named William Banzai, I'm pretty sure either an American, Englishman, or Australian who lives and draws in Hong Kong, or thereabouts. Mr. Banzai, actually "Banzai7", used to insert his political cartoons in the comments section (probably not possible now), but at least I noted that ZH still posts his stuff once in a while. Look at the row of 3 posts near the top - it's not everyday though:

Upon recollection, Mr. "Banzai7" did not read as really very informed in his political opinions, when he wrote much text. However, his cartoons, in the vein of the old Zerohedge, lambasted the crony-capitalist, globalist elites, such as the Merkels, Pope Franci, and American politicians to great effect. If you can't make much headway with writing (see above on Pundit vs. Pundit), ridiculing them all is another avenue. William Banzai kicks ass using this tactic. The image above was the link to what's below, and if you haven't already figured, he's referencing the silly Kavanaugh "advise and consent" process.

Oh, I'd almost forgot that Banzai likes those mis-capitalized letters, resembling an old-timey ransom note. The guy's probably got his own site, if you want to look it up, but this is one vestige of the old Zerohedge I knew and loved. BANZAI!, uhhh, SEVEN!

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