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Posted On: Friday - December 30th 2016 3:04PM MST
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.... bitchez.

No, seriously, this site is not anti-immigration per se, it's just something that must be written about a lot due to it being an existential problem for this country. (Wheewww, .... there .... I wrote the "E" word, let me explain why that is a big deal:)

Normally, people who use the word "existential" are the guys that sit around the coffee shops all over the Western World with long or short beards or goatees, oftentimes with rings and multiple pieces of household articles stapled and/or wired to protrusions of their faces drinking some type of super-expensive coffee from miniature cups. They don't seem to wear normal shoes, either.

I am not one of these guys - I like to drink hot chocolate, of course, but I get a normal size to get my damn money's worth. I truthfully did not know the meaning of this the world existential until only 5 years back, though, that does seem clueless, as the root is pretty clear. (I think the problem is the probably the pronunciation of the word by some of these non-US Army Paratrooper, yet still oddly beret-wearing, fellows at the coffee shop who lisp a bit so as not to get that Cappuccino AlFresco Latte cream in their facial hair mixed in with the hummus remains.) We are loath to use this high-brow, long-bearded word here at this blog, but our editor has spoken [... sometimes you just gotta say "what the fuck", Joel - Ed].

OK, so more seriously now, "existential" means pertaining to the entire existence of (in the blog's case) America and the Western World in general. In other words, if this uncontrolled massive immigration problem is not dealt with prontomundo (as my amigos down south next door are wont to say), all other problems are not worth solving - we will have no country left to worry about. Yes, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, VDare, and the many other caring people have said things to this effect before, but that doesn't now mean we at have not thought of it independently.

This is the only reason Donald Trump is in the position he is, now, and he'd better heed my words, along with my other reader(s), prontomundo*!

* No, don't sweat it, there is no stigma against use of the word "prontomundo".

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