A Visual Fisking of Cortez the Killer

Posted On: Tuesday - October 2nd 2018 8:00PM MST
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(BTW, it's apparently "Cortes" with an "s" now, but how was Neil Young to know that 43 years ago when he wrote the song Cortez the Killer?) See Savage Natives and the Conquistadors and our movie review Apocalypto Now! for background for this post.

Peak Stupidity has made it policy not to repeat any youtube music. We'd like it to where the reader that comes for the kick-ass music here will not run into a repeat. Today's post will hopefully be a one-time-only exception, as this song just needs some blowback. The post The great works of the ancients ... with no Caterpillars was about the boasting in the song in question that the pre-Columbian S/Central American savages had "built up with their bare hands, what we still can't do today", a flat-out lie. We'd included the song, appropriately in that previous post, but the song just needs a good old fisking.

OK, let me explain that ancient-to-the-blog-world term. Way back in 2001, some idiot NY Times reporter (but I repeat myself), named Robert Fisk was taken to task on an article in which he defended his being stoned (via rocks, not on-the-rocks) and beaten by Afghanis. He'd be called a hard-core "cuck" nowadays, but the subsequent evisceration of Fisk's stupidity by Australian blogger Tim Blair (I remember that guy, wow!), and the use of the term "fisking" subsequently by Godfather-of-bloggers Glenn Reynolds, aka, "Instapundit" pushed the term into common blog-use. We've not heard it a lot over the last 5 years, at least, so it may be time to bring it back. Because we all have broadband (another blast-from-the-past term) now, Peak Stupidity will make this a visual fisking, i.e. w/pictures.

Please note with regard to this Neil Young classic that it's long been Peak Stupidity's contention that, as far as song-quality goes, the lyrics are very unimportant. Due to the excellent guitar playing in Cortez the Killer, arguably the best over Down by the River, Like a Hurricane, Powderfinger, Hey, Hey, My, My!*, and Southern Man (also written with extremely stupid lyrics), I think this a great song. I don't recommend paying any attention to the lyrics for best enjoyment though. If you're gonna, and not about to put up with 43 year-old PC anti-white-man stupidity, then you're gonna like this:

First, get the music going -

(Neil Young and his band Crazy Horse)

OK, now what's Neil singing about?

"He came dancing across the water
with his galleons and guns."
Yeah, well, how many millennia would it be before the noble savages of the new world would have ever built something resembling a ship, not to mention a gun? A few centuries later, it was said "God made men, but Samuel Colt made them equal". I'd rather be equal in self-defense myself rather than subject to the whims of cruel nature.
"Looking for the new world
and that palace in the sun."


As if these Aztecs knew anything about sound money anyway. They were just using gold as decoration for the palace, for crying out loud. What were you people running, a Kingdom or an interior decoration business? A bunch of savage fools and their money ... etc.
"On the shore lay Montezuma
with his coca leaves and pearls.
In his halls he often wondered
of the secrets of the world."

"And his subjects gathered around him
like the leaves around a tree."

Yeah, that's a happy crowd of subjects, I tell ya'. Why don't you toss them down a fresh heart or two?
"In their clothes of many colors,
for the angry gods to see."

"And the women all were beautiful,"
OK, just stop ... STOP RIGHT HERE!

Left side: Neil Young's envisioning of his pre-Columbian savage female Cinnamon Girl.
Right side: Reality has a way of sapping you in the groin.

"and the men stood straight and strong.
They offered life in sacrifice,
so that others could go on."

Yeah, it's easier said than done. Sheer terror!
"Hate was just a legend
And war was never known."

Of course not! These people were just part of a "police action".
"The people worked together,
and they lifted many stones.
They carried them to the flat lands,
and they died along the way."

Now that sounds like a excellent productive way to live one's life - working your backbone to death toting 3-ton stones from point A to point B, and, yeah, dying along the way. I really hope they had a single-payer health plan.
"But they built up with their bare hands,
what we still can't do today."

Sure we can. We just don't CHOOSE to do something that stupid with our time, in this De-cade or any other. If we did, we'd use Caterpillars and Snorklifts, so people don't, like, die along the way and shit.
"And I know she's living there,
and she loves me to this day."

Look at the line-up carefully, Neil, and see if you can pick out your old sweetheart.
"I still can't remember when,
or how I lost my way."
Ummm, drugs?

* Not to be confused with My, My, Hey, Hey!

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