Latent Karma hits Brooklyn, NYC - Minority-Majority hardest hit!

Posted On: Monday - October 1st 2018 10:44AM MST
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First, to clear this up, the downright asinine term "minority-majority" is in this post title just to illustrate said stupidity of that term and it's more-oft-used converse(?) "majority-minority". This post is partially about Educational Stupidity, but even this lowly blogger was taught the definitions of "majority" and "minority". You're either less than 1/2, or you're more than half. (I gotta put up a short post on this.) What I mean here, is that the white parents in a ritzy neighborhood called Park Slope, in Brooklyn, NYC, are a minority of the population but their whiteness makes them Majorities?, or I guess just "white people", so screw 'em, seem to be the prevailing attitude.

Let me back up. Mr. Steve Sailer, one of my favorite bloggers, for reading, learning, and getting ideas for Peak Stupidity, gets on some subjects that are not really my thing. Let's leave aside for a moment discussion about golf, golf courses, golf clubs, golf pros, amateur golf, business-relationship golf, miniature golf (no, not really ;-} ... hey every blogger's got his own obsessions, right? I'm welcome to skip what I'm not interested in. One of Mr. Sailer's big things seems to be education, or really the networking, ratings, costs, etc. involved and the efforts of upper-middle-class parents to scheme or just work for the best for their children. It's got lots to do with the discussion of race/genetics, class, and immigration, all important topics and the main point of the iSteve increasingly-read blog.

I tend to tune out, though, lots of the intricate details on which school has got lots of Orientals, which school sends 20% of the graduates to Haaavard, and all that elite crap. It's just not what my family ever really cared about. Don't get me wrong, they/we care lots about learning and education (not always synonymous). I am very grateful my Dad did not think connections and networking, as he believed in living honestly. The networking/connections business detracts from living an honest life.

Finally, we get to the point, which is a comment on Sailer's latest post on the primary education politics in NYC. In this case it's the Park Slope neighborhood schools in the borough of Brooklyn that is getting the minority-beatdown treatment by Socialist Mayor De Blasio, per Park Slope's Magic Dirt. The superintendent of NYC schools, one Richard Carranza, is planning on eliminating all screening* of kids for entry to the better schools. They are better, because they HAVE BETTER KIDS GOING THERE! (Hence the "magic dirt" terminology) You'd have to have read lots of Steve Sailer posts to get all of the sarcasm, innuendos, and whatever, to really enjoy this one. That is, along with more background on the continuing battle by parent for their kids learning, and (just as importantly) well-being in the public schools, if even possible.

I'm not excerpting anything for a specific point, though it's interesting that the NY Post writer, along with parents she quotes, seemed to have picked up on some iSteve terminology! The comments, as usual, are very good, with many personal anecdotes from the NYC area itself. As I wrote at the top, though, I don't care that much about these details of the shenanigans of how these cntl-left Park Slope parents are going to deal with the clampdown on their loophole around the system. This is the system that says the black and hispanic kids are just the same as far as abilities and will blend in nicely with the white and oriental kids. It's the "blank-slate" theory, that the ctrl-left, including a HUGE MAJORITY of these parents, supposedly believe in and espouse.

Yes, whether latent Karma fits best or not, there's gotta be a German word for this other than just simple plain-jane "schadenfreude". Seen it on the web, been there, read that. No, I need something longer, say 6 - 10 syllables, that describes not just being happy about others misfortune when they deserve it. The elite in NY City, including many with children at the schools there, seem to have an undue influence on America's politics, and they are extremely left-wing. They deserve to diversified good and hard! I need a word like:
Erfreutgleisnergro├čgeschlossenerm├╝ndung - n: Pleasure obtained from the learning of the struggles of others against stupid insane policies that they themselves have promoted for everyone else, that results in said people possibly shutting-the-fuck-up for once, about it.

Come on, any German readers, please write in if you've got a better longer term.

See, here's what's going on, per my reading of 5 or so iSteve posts on the subject: The new guy, Superintendent Carranza, is from Miami, where the schools are already diversified to where white people have no say in the matter, at least in inner Miami, which is Latin America with more money. Up in NYC, he has not gotten with the program. The elite white people may be SAYING that they love diversity for everyone, all over the country, the more, the better. However, for their own kids in NYC public schools, the parents really NEED to have lots of white and oriental kids around theirs to have any kind of decent or better learning and discipline. The rules need to be made to enable this for their own kids, and screw the rest, 'cause of "diversity is our strength!"

The disHonarable Mr. De Blasio may really not care, as he is a Socialist down to his very core. Superintendent Carranza, however, just doesn't UNDERSTAND these parents. Richard Carranza can ask them how they feel about diversity, and they'll go all George Costanza on him (after all, this IS Brooklyn):

Superintendent Carranza: "Hey, now who wants to have some DIVERSITY?!"
Park Slope Majority-Minority parents:"I do!"
Park Slope Minority-Majority, aka, white, parents:"I do!"
Superintendent Carranza: "Now, are you just saying you want to have DIVERSITY, or do you really wanna have DIVERSITY?!!"
Park Slope Majority-Minority parents: "I really wanna have DIVERSITY."
Park Slope Minority-Majority, aka White, parents: "Nah, I'm just sayin' I wanna have some DIVERSITY."

* Except of course, as Mr. Sailer points out, screening to ensure DIVERSITY.

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