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Posted On: Friday - September 28th 2018 8:04PM MST
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It's not that I don't have ~ 10-12 posts built up in my head, but I ran out of time today. I won't have time on Saturday, and no posting on Sunday as usual. Tune in next week for a visual fisking of Neil Young's Cortez the Killer along with a number of posts involving observations on the websites in our short blogroll and more economic, immigration, and environmental stupidity. We are mired in the stuff here, and can only get if off our chest by blogging or listening to the music.

Listen to the Music is a happy song by The Doobie Brothers. This is from well before a guy named Michael McDonald single-handedly ruined the band with his jazzy sound that didn't belong. It is off the What Were Once Vices are Now Habits album from 1974*, from which Peak Stupidity posted Black Water back this summer.

Youtube commenter David Nicol says:

2 years ago
OK. So what we have here is just another example of what was normal in the 70s. What do we have? No autotune on the vocals. These guys sing pure. No timing quantization on the rhythm tracks. Pure musicians, playing pure music, without anti-human intervention. You know, MUSIC...

The Doobie Brothers:

Tom Johnston – guitars, vocals
Patrick Simmons – guitar, vocals
Tiran Porter – bass, vocals
John (Little John) Hartman – drums
Michael Hossack – drums

* Holy Moley, talk about misdirection; I searched for the album on duckduckgo to get the year, and it keeps taking me to! Does the man own duckduckgo?

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