Ignore the psycho-blather, just confirm Judge Kavanaugh

Posted On: Wednesday - September 26th 2018 6:12PM MST
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There's a lady going through a lot of trauma

You don't have to be unhappy all of the time to have gone through some major psychological trauma, but it sure would help the narrative a bit if they'd publish a picture of a freaked-out Christine Ford from sometime in the correct decade. It's just as well, as the narrative is the most ridiculously obvious made-up story that even the Hildabeast would be ashamed to be responsible for. She may lie about everything including the weather forecast, but I think even that AntiChrist runner-up would disown this story as beneath her lying ability.

Yesterday, the hard-working VDare reporter specializing in the human tragedy of our immigration invasion, Mrs. Brenda Walker, chimed in on some psychological issues regarding repressed and often self-generated memories of trauma.* In Psychologists - Heal Thyselves! Peak Stupidity got into the worthlessness of most of the field of psychology and most of the people in it. Mrs. Walker's article gets into some tragic outcomes caused by the various psychoanalytical trends. There've been many lives ruined, such as fathers estranged from their daughters for 20 years based on some wacky-assed repressed "memories" of molestation that never happened. Many times, by the time the lady realizes her mistake, her Dad is gone from the world. The article links to information regarding men who've been falsely accused and put in jail for years based on these witch hunts.

Anyway, I hardly ever disagree with anything Brenda Walker writes (aside from that she often doesn't rebut her last excerpts of others in her articles). I'll make an exception here on this paragraph:
We need to know what techniques were used in the therapist’s office to “recover” (or create) Ford’s repressed memory of assault, but inquiry into that important subject has been slim, and the Senators who will question the alleged victim on Thursday appear ignorant on the psychological malfeasance of therapists.
NO! We don't need to do anything to delve into this story! It's not mystery. This story has been put up to delay or even block the appointment of a decent man for Supreme Court justice, and this lame story is the best they've got. We know they're lying. They know they're lying. They even know that we know they're lying. The ctrl-let these days are just so used to Lyin' Press support that they figure they have the power to take down anyone, at least easily a white man, with any lies they want.

The good news is even such GOPe cucks as Miss Lindsey Grahamnesty seem to be on our side. I think the reason is as follows:

Even though I know they want to cuck-out (most of the R-squad of The Party), I wonder if these guys are thinking “hey, if that made-up ridiculous story ends up derailing this nomination, imagine what will happen if the press learns one little inkling of my past at college… or, uhhh, last year, for that matter.” Lots of the anti-Trump GOPe may be trying to work in cahoots with the D-squad, but they could be smart enought to realize that, NO, they are not safe, come election time.

This same stuff can be trotted out against any one of them, just to get a ctrl-left, or non-white of any kind, in office 2 or 4 years from now. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, white members of Congress. They would be wise to put a stop to this business, even if only out of self-interest. Miss Lindsey is probably the best example of this, and Miss Grahamnesty’s position has been a SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

Let's just get 'er done.

* VDare is all about the immigration problem. This stuff affects immigration tangentially as Judge Kavanaugh has a VERY GOOD record on immigration decisions. We need him on the Supreme Court for that, even if nothing else.

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