We are all pretty much the same genetically ...

Posted On: Friday - December 30th 2016 7:04AM MST
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... according to Ms. Sarah Zhang, from such illuminating former rolled-up temporary doorstops as the Atlantic Magazine, picked apart like the proverbial Armadillo carcass by Mr. Steve Sailer here and here (with comments)

This chick had to have been born in America. No Chinese-born lady could lie this much to either herself or others. They have not been at the same Orange/Red high-alert stupidity level that we are at since the 1966-1976 cultural revolution.

I don’t think even China in the midst of that period was even a TSA-Stupid-Level-Yellow (well, maybe yellow is the default – hey, no offense intended, I’m just sayin’). Now an American lady in the midst of her period – that is off the charts sometimes – goes to Red in a heartbeat.

Must … quit … the …… offense … ive ..
…. com ……entssss …….. sides … aching …… Scotty
… you can … beam me … ahahahhha … [/Captn Kirk]

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