Even super-glue ain't working anymore

Posted On: Friday - December 2nd 2016 9:17AM MST
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The 5-year old packs of small super-glue tubes got all solidified, so you can't really stock up on this stuff, I've learned. Now, even stuff from this 1-year old 3-pack I bought is crap. I tried to glue a reflector back on my car, and the stuff came out really thin, and sticks to my fingers well enough, but, unfortunately, not the car.

Along with the peak stupidity curve comes a same shape curve of the inverse of product quality, call it craptidude, but only set back about 30 years or so. You can't buy much that you know is quality anymore, or at least, it's a lot of trouble to find it. For some reason this makes me think of the movie Idiocracy. I would like to link the reader to the entire movie (made by Mike Judge, of B/B and KOH fame (Beavis/Butthead, King of the Hill)), as I know one used to be able to download the entire thing, but I can't find the whole thing now. It's not only amazingly prescient, but also funny as hell.

OK, here's a sample. The scene picks up where our protagonist starts to first realize he has been accidently transported 500 years into the future, where, it turns out, he is at that point the smartest guy in the world. In the scene here, he is talking to his doctor:

Monday - November 19th 2018 7:57PM MST
PS: Safety goggles for superglue? Well, I never. I don't begrudge you your precautions, John, but I'm not sure the gloves would have helped me as far as the point of this post. I want to stock up on stuff, to save trips to the store, but the stuff has a shorter shelf-life than it ought to (it's inorganic, right?)

BTW, I should have used JB Weld, anyway.

Also, I fixed the video. I hope you enjoy the short clip., and thanks for writing in.
Saturday - November 17th 2018 12:27AM MST
PS Super Glue should not be sticking to your fingers becsuse you should be using disposable medical gloves (made in usa) when using SG. And, please, wearing safety goggles. It is unwise to be grudging about taking safety precautions for fear they might turn out to have been unnecessary.
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