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Posted On: Monday - September 24th 2018 8:45PM MST
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Nope, we don't mean MySpace from the previous post, but My Own Space by the Steve Miller band.

As expained in A tale of two countries (for picking blackberries), regarding space in America vs. China, having fewer people per space available just makes for better place to live (other things equal). In the Peak Stupidity post More on the Destruction of California, we pointed out that immigration-invasion enthusiasts have, for 2-3 decades now, had this wilful blindspot in their understanding of the bad effects of a larger population in our same-sized land.

When Mr. Steve Miller wrote this song off his spacey Book of Dreams album back in 1977, the American population was 220 million, less than 2/3 of the population today (not documenting those undocumented people). That makes a big difference, and the Steve Miller band had a lot more of their Own Space then than they can now, even in the San Francisco Bay area, where they hailed from.

No, this is not President Trump's Steven Miller, but as one of the last loyal patriots in his administration, we like him too. Peak Stupidity recommends both Steve Millers, bigly.
Whoa ho ho ho-oh, oh-oh-ohh,
I eye-eye-eye feel free,
Whoa ho ho ho-oh, oh-oh-ohh,
where I can have my own space.

This album really deserves to be listened to in its entirety. It's got lots of cool synthesizers, great guitars, and lots of songs that have probably never been heard by anyone but real Steve Miller fans. This band has been featured on Peak Stupidity only once before with Take the Money and Run from the previous album Fly Like an Eagle.

The Steve Miller Band:

Steve Miller – vocals, guitar, synthesizer, sitar, producer
David Denny – guitar
Greg Douglass – slide guitar
Byron Allred – piano, synthesizer
Lonnie Turner – bass guitar
Gary Mallaber – drums, percussion

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