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Posted On: Saturday - September 22nd 2018 6:19AM MST
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Choose your drug wisely:

There is an article up on VDare by one Hubert Collins that hits on a couple of Peak Stupidity core competencies (picked that term up from "Josh" at the all-hands meeting) at one time. The first is the idea and usefulness of boycotts/buycotts, per our 3-part series on "Boycotts, Buycotts, and CEOs who should shut their mouths more." ( Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 ) A quick take is that these actions can indeed hit the Big-Biz people who want to ruin our world. where it counts, in their profits and stock prices. However, boycotts and buycotts can get complicated, confusing, and even conflicting, but please read the 3 articles for Peak Stupidity's entire take on the subject.

The second interest in the article is the hard-left attitudes of Big Biz in modern America, which is due to our crony capitalist system. Big-Biz must stay in the good graces of Fed-Gov, so must act accordingly ctrl-left. VDare's sole priority is immigration. Since any individual or entity who is not a real conservative these days is pro-immigration-invasion, Mr. Collins writes in favor of the Austrian company that is conservative, or at least not actively ctrl-left, in Boycott Starbucks (They Hate You!) Drink Red Bull Instead.

Mr. Collins gives lots of details of the left-wing, politically-correct, anti-Christian, anti-white, perfidy of the huge Starbucks coffee chain and its owner and CEOs, going back 20 years. He suggests drinking a can or two of the Red Bull energy drink instead of getting Starbucks coffee as a daily habit.

Well, I've gotta correct that term "energy drink". In the actual physical sense, I'd have to say hot chocolate, cokes, and craft beer are the real energy drinks. The energy is locked up in the sugar and carbs, and can be used by the imbiber at a later time. Red Bull and the like have lots of caffeine, a drug like lots of others people get hooked on, which lights up the brain. It's not physical energy itself, but it sure makes it easier to make use of your physical energy. That said, this blogger does not need any new drug, so with this boycott idea, or switcharoo of caffeine sources, I would not personally make much of a difference to the economy of caffeine.

I have lately had a habit of buying a hot chocolate at the Starbucks chain weekly or so while hanging out with friends that do like their coffee. No, I'm not gonna turn them on to Red Bull. That's not just because they won't listen, but because this is more a social thing for us than a drug-delivery mechanism. I buy the hot chocolate, also as a social thing, and because the other locally-owned coffee shop is just a complete rip-off and, knowing the place, I'd bet much money that the ownership is as left-wing as it gets.

That last bit was all personal taste, but if you do partake in the caffeine, Hubert Collins' suggestion is a good one. We seem to have no say at all, as of yet, on the cultural stupidity going on in America. Big-Biz seems to be a leader in this, so hitting them in the top line is the best way to let them know, beating letters to the CEO and that sort of thing. It's just a good feeling too, to be able to do even one little thing. Mr. Collins seems to be a young guy, just judging from the Red Bull habit, and it's good to hear from guys like him with simple, practical suggestions:
So the next time you need to get some writing done, buy some Red Bulls and head to Starbucks. Buy nothing there, but use the free wi-fi and comfortable seating. You will need to bring some headphones though, as the music played at Starbucks is indeed unfailingly awful.

This may, or may not, describe what I am doing right now.
Now, at first take, that seems kind of rude, but (see the rest of his article) it is nothing more than another application of one of one of Alinsky's rules, now used by Conservative radicals. Yeah, I know, Red Bull doesn't warm you up in the wintertime, and you can't get whipped cream on top - such is the life of a radical.

(More on the coffee shops here and here.)

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