The Plantation Mentality and Misogyny of the Engineers and Technicians

Posted On: Thursday - September 20th 2018 12:37PM MST
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The Plantation Mentality still exists in the aftermarket auto parts realm!

Here at Peak Stupidity, rather than write all about politics, politics, politics, we need to spend more time on posts that should be our bread and butter, just everyday examples of stupidity and how high a level it's gotten to. Right now, it's not like things are getting any saner, so the material is endless. This will be one such post, in this case, on the continuing rise of political correctness to new highs, and most of the time, rather than getting upset, we should just enjoy the humor.

Political correctness is ostensibly about not offending the very small minority of people who may be easily offended, not even by purposefully offensive speech. I say "ostensibly", one, because it's a new big word for me (!), but also because I mean that there is evil intention behind PC on the part of the real instigators. They want to control thought via speech per the methods George Orwell presciently described in 1984. There are lots of ways to accidentally offend somebody, somewhere, and well, "let's just not take that risk" seems what's causing new PC trends. What's trending right now?

Any words that imply anything about slavery, that's one. Let's forget that just about everyone alive has some long-ago ancestors who were enslaved somewhere. Most of us don't dwell on it. Some certain people do. They don't want the words "Master" and "Slave" to be uttered, unless ... I dunno, slavery comes back, I guess. In technical endeavors, however, there is a problem. Many mechanical and electrical devices use these terms to describe the function of the system. Do you remember assembling a computer? It wasn't exactly a blast, to me anyway, but it'd save some bucks. There was the Master drive and the Slave drive, as I recall.

Now, in the mechanical realm, there are the non-powered hydraulic systems. In automobiles and small airplanes, you've got your muscle-powered hydraulic brakes, along with your clutch systems in cars too. The smaller-diameter cylinder, that one loads with human power moves a longer distance under a human-level force than the larger-diameter (but much-shorter-traveling) one that moves the brake pads or lever on the clutch with a much larger (leveraged, one might say) force. Without much movement, or significant elevation change, the pressure at the 2 cylinders is the same, meaning the larger one generates much more force than is put on the smaller one. There's your physics for the day, but notice I never used the terms one may need to specify or buy the parts. Why? PC! The cylinder that is moved by foot is the Master cylinder, while the cylinder that is moved, via fluid flow, to activate the high-force-requiring device, is called the Slave cylinder. OMG! Can they think of another term, these raciss engineers?!

Oh, your average engineer or car mechanic may say some bullcrap like "Hey, lighten up, people, it's not like whips and chains are involved, just DOT-3 or Mil-5606 spec hydraulic fluids." But see, it's the words that matter. That whole sticks-and-stones boomer excuse is not cool anymore, bro. You can't go around talking like that.

Next on the PC-enforcement docket, you've your electrical connectors, something mostly mechanical engineers, with a bit of electrical engineering involvement, are responsible for. Here's a set:

A set of hermaphroditic connectors, designed by those transphobes in engineering:

This gets pretty involved. If you've been to Radio Shack, you may have asked the guys for some male or female connectors for your power or data conducting needs. You've probably been told "I don't know what you're talking about," due to the fact that Radio Shack mostly has unknowledgeable idiots nowadays that just want to get commissions selling phones. Or, maybe they really never have been taught about the birds and the bees, ya think? Retarded Radio Shack personnel notwithstanding, the terms "male" and "female" seem pretty obvious to most, hence their being used by technical guys for perhaps a century to specify. One goes inside the other, kinda like, well, this is, after all, a family blog.

The use of obvious gender or sex terminology with electrical connectors can be not only fun, but also pretty descriptive of parts that otherwise may be difficult to explain. If you've got one female end of a coax cable that needs be connected to a female part on the box, well you need a gender-transfer connector! Yes, people use the terms. Sure, one still must specify male-to-male or female-to-female. Hey isn't that kinda homophobic right there? Why CAN'T one plug the male end into the male end? Ummm, ask a homosexual, I guess. Come to think of it (and yes, maybe we're branching away from our family-friendly core value here), there'd need to be SOME OTHER HOLE, no two ways about it. Should we start describing these special pass-through connectors as "gay" and "lesbian" connectors? I'm fine with that.

The set in the picture above is more complicated in terms of description (and manufacturing). See the ones with pins (male because they stick out, if you really haven't heard about the birds/bees) are contained in an overall housing one would call female. That housing surrounds the other connector's housing, provided there is enough moisture and foreplay ... uhhh, yeah, so one connector is male at the large level and female at the small level, while the other is the reverse of this. They still can get together and conduct beautiful current. I've called these connectors hermaphroditic myself. That can specify the idea of what's required, but not which is which part of the set. I think we can take heart in one possible benefit from all the new 72-flavors of gender business. We may get just the right terms to describe any configuration in electrical connectors an engineer could need. Of course, we'd have to know and understand the human instantiation first. Nah, let's just use part numbers.

The ironic thing about the Political Correctness stupidity as applied to this hardware is that the engineers, technicians, and mechanics are about the last bastion of the un-PC environment. They DON'T CARE about your worries about offensiveness. They've got a job to do. (Hmmm, is it possible those last two sentences go hand-in-hand?) Even at the auto parts store, there may be some retards, but nobody who will have a problem looking up a slave cylinder or a male wiring harness connector. I don't know how far this is going to get before Peak Stupidity.

Speaking of that, when will the level of silliness decrease, or at least plateau? Well, I can tell you that there are no plans to shut the site down in the near future, if that's any hint. However, as I've done a few times each year, let me point the reader to our "about" page, What is Peek Stoopiditee?. All of the facetiousness of that page aside, its point is that stupidity will not peak due to some inherent property, such as that of a power or torque curve of an IC engine. No, Peak Stupidity's working theory is that the general stupidity will peak following a peak in Global Financial Stupidity, which is the cause of an imminent economic crash. At SHTF-type times, even the high-level stupidity the Western world is experiencing will be cast off like a fur coat in the Sonora desert (and then not found again after nightfall occurs and the concept of radiant cooling is observed, speaking of stupidity.) When things get real, the stupid, all of it - feminism, economics, PC, Big-Biz - it all stops.

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