Psychologists - Heal Thyselves!

Posted On: Wednesday - September 19th 2018 8:47PM MST
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The previous Peak Stupidity post on the Judge Kavanaugh nomination saga was about the politics of it. Here's a little more about the woman who made this ridiculous accusation regarding a 35-38 year ago (she can't seem to pin it down) drunken groping by the then-teenaged Brett Kavanaugh. The last of the 4 links to Steve Sailer in the previous post, Kavanaugh Accuser Wants FBI to Figure Out What Happened Before She Testifies Under Oath, has his usual NY Times excerpts (well, someone has to read it, I guess?) plus excellent comments, about this Christine Blasey, excuse me, Dr. Blasey. That's last is what I want to write about.

Mrs. Blasey has a doctorate in psychology, and that does not impress me one single bit. It's not just that it's one of the easiest majors in college (down there with journalism), its classes meant mostly for engineering majors requiring a few easy humanities electives to make time for the study of Thermodynamics. That's fine. Another reason a young man might take a psyche course is to meet the many (maybe 90%, whoo-hoo!) women who may be in there to fulfill an MRS degree requirement.

Some of the women, and a few men, in there, especially the ones that take it to the max, Piled higher and Deeper, are in it for another reason. They've got, let's just say, some problems. Nowadays, they'd be on some kind of spectrum, and I don't mean the vitamins. They go into the field to try to figure out their own problems. I've personally known two. This Mrs. Blasey seems to be one of these types. She's been in therapy herself and even worse, marriage counseling. This Sailer comment (and don't miss them) made this blogger LOL at the stupidity of this lady's understanding of just how much BS people are going to believe:
As I’ve been pointing out, so far nobody has come forward to stay that Ms. Blasey-Ford accused Kavanaugh by name before he became famous in late 2011 voting against Obamacare and then got talked up in early 2012 as a Supreme Court nominee. Her husband says she was worried about Kavanaugh getting on the Supreme Court when she they went to marriage counseling (although Kavanaugh’s name doesn’t appear in the therapist’s notes).
You're killing me Sal, I mean, Steve, or really Mrs Blasey. Let me get this straight. A Supreme Court nominee was discussed during marriage counseling. Really? It wasn't stuff like:
"Yeah, she takes stuff out of the cabinet and never puts it back in the same place!" "So, if you'd find another place for your Harley besides in the living room ..." "You're just jealous of my Harley; it's sexier than you, since you've gained ..." "You take me for granted.... I clean, I cook, and what do I ge..." "Hell, she uses the smoke alarm as a timer, you call that cooking!"
See, that's the kind of thing that goes on in marriage counseling (I can only assume, as I'M NOT GOING!). We are however, expected to believe it went more like this:
"Sex is not fun anymore, especially with her." "It's not my fault. Right when he was anally penetrating me, a couple a weeks back, no maybe it was in the eighties, I started really worrying that America was gonna get screwed if that Kavanaugh nomination was going to proceed out of committee..."
Besides that point of mine that about psychologists needed to heal themselves, first, which I'd thought about for years, there was another somewhat relevant point I'm getting straight from a commenter. The feminist artist/icon of the 1970's, Mrs. Helen Reddy, sung a bunch of hits about people who were somewhat "off", if I may. Three of her hits were about that sort of thing, and I'd never thought of this before. Guess what, I read Mrs. Reddy's interesting bio on Wiki, and she wasn't a psychologist but did study a bit of parapsychology, as if psychology isn't fake enough for us.

I would not post these 3 songs if the tunes weren't good. I'd never though much about the lyrics until now, but the songs bring back memories. These were hit songs by Helen Reddy:

Angie Baby:

Delta Dawn (Great country song, not written by Mrs. Reddy):

Ruby Red Dress (leave me alone):

Is there any way Helen Reddy could be called up for the Senate hearing to come? She would make a great expert witness, just based on her song lyrics.

BTW, Ann Coulter (NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST!) nails the hypocisy in her latest article, with a lot of other ideas that appeared first in the Steve Sailer posts.

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