Kavanaugh nomination - a man's got to know his statute of limitations!

Posted On: Wednesday - September 19th 2018 7:29PM MST
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The original Statue of Limitations:

I really couldn't come up with a better title than Steve Sailer's Supreme Court Nominee Accused of Something Sometime in Distant Past, the first of 4 (so far!) posts of his on the Supreme Court nomination Senate-level stupidity (see here, here, and here for more good stuff).

Once in a while, Peak Stupidity WILL try to keep up with current events, otherwise usually known as fake news. This one IS really a doozy, as far as unadulterated fake-news stupidity goes. It's not the ctrl-left/Democrats' strategy of playing dirty game using Alinsky's (or one of those American Commie's) playbook that's the stupid part. We know those people are evil. Everyone on all sides of this Brett Kavanaugh nomination circus knows that the D's in the Senate want to derail the nomination process one way or another to drag it out past the 2018 election.

The stupidity lies with the naive, though maybe Deep-stated Senate Republicans. Many of them seem to be following along with this sham of taking seriously a possible, distant vague memory by some left-wing psychologist who supposedly is bent out of shape about something Mr. Kavananugh did as a teenager on or about, uhh, the early '80's. They could just state "this is nonsense. The vote is going to be Monday. Be there, or be square." Lots of them act like they must take this obvious plant of an accuser at her word, cause, you know, justice and shit. There are a few possibilities to explain this stupidity:

1) These Senators think this accusation deserves an investigation by the full weight of the law(men). Let me rephrase that - no, they don't really care that "we must be fair." They just stupidly think that their voters believe that. Yeah, right, that's why playboy Donald Trump got elected by the real conservatives. Do they think this is still the 1980's? Nobody wants Robert's Rules of Order from our side, while the ctrl-left follows Castro's rules of Order. We wouldn't have elected President Trump if we still wanted to play fair per the Marquis de Queensbury*.

2) More likely these Senators are not really on our side at all. They might not be in active collusion with the D's, but the last thing they want is for the Constitution to be enforced. They are going to try to run out the clock, but again, they figure their R voters will figure "well, he's nothing if not diligent and honest. It was his duty to get to the bottom of this. It's too bad it didn't work out."

3) They think the public is still gullible enough to feel sorry for some two-bit psychologist who may have not been treated quite like a lady, or a sober lady at least, when she attended a party she can't quite remember, by a coupla drunk 17 year olds. They figure most of their voters have never been teenagers, or drunk, or horny, I suppose.

OK, it's a mixture of stupid and evil then. Everyone involved must know how utterly ridiculous the accusation is, and the even-more-obvious timing of this. (There are rumors that the dishonorable Mrs. Feinstein, of California has another letter of accusation by the same "lady" against the previous Trump-appointed Supreme Court justice, Mr. Gorsuch!) If you're in the US Senate and care about this important nomination at all, you've got to just end the stupidity. You guys (the R-squad) supposedly run the place, for cryin' out loud. Are you all being pushovers on purpose? WWTCLD? What Would The Ctrl-Left Do? You all know damn well that the D-squad would just ignore this whole thing (that probably wouldn't even be known of course, as the Lyin' Press is on their side). Just have the vote. (I am surprised that the fake-conservative neocon Miss Lindsey of S. Carolina is on-board with going to a vote. It makes me wonder if the votes have already been counted, and Miss Lindsey will vote on principle - of "the man is always wrong".)

Judge Kavanaugh should have already told anyone who has asked that the accusation is false, period. Get yourself on the Supreme Court and don't fall for this stupidity. No matter what the real story was, even if you do remember something, a Judge's gotta know his limitations. The statute of limitations, that is, even if it's non-statutory rape.
In all this confusion (and the drunkenness), I can't remember if I groped one breast or two, or if was nineteen eighty- one or two. Miss Blasey, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Did you get lucky that day?" Well, DID YA, PUNK?!

* Don't quote me on this Queensbury guy. I just read this expression every week or so on the internet, so I figure the reader will get the point. It's like a friend that would always say "yeah, it's six and a half dozen or the other thing..." or something like that. I couldn't really understand the guy, but I got the idea after a while.

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