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Posted On: Saturday - September 15th 2018 8:15PM MST
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The Well- Endowed Engineered Maker Wu

"Maker" is on of those new terms people use for those who tinker with 3-D manufacturing and other new manufacturing processes, including even some real engineers, who don't know enough terminology to say anything less stupid. The woman above is one Miss Naomi Wu, a self-proclaimed "DIY and tech enthusiast" living in Shenzhen*, China. That's pretty reasonable a self-description there, but then Miss Wu is also a self-proclaimed "sexy cyborg". Sexy is correct, but she is no cyborg, unless I've been watching the wrong science fiction movies. A cyborg could not come up with much of the silliness I've read and seen of this woman, even if it were a were 24 years old with huge fake tits.

Peak Stupidity has only come upon Miss Wu and her videos and "makings" via a connection of this girl to the American-born Korean lady, Sarah Jeong, the anti-white-people NY Times head twitterer, that we discussed in a post last week. Apparently, Miss Wu was in some continent-to-continent, Oriental-on-Oriental, spat with Miss Jeong, and there was the usual tit-for-tat (or tit-for-much-bigger-tit). Please do not get excited yet, readers. There are no plans as of yet for any type of youtube-televised cage match, though I would sure want a part of it, and would suggest the half-way point of Hawaii, if anyone reading can make this happen. (First rule of Oriental-girl fight club - No sucking below the belt.)

I came upon this interview with the young Miss Wu, and it confirms my opinion that girls of that age and +/- 25 years or so don't have any opinions on life worth reading about. There may be some translation problems, but the flakiness and stupidity of this sexy cyborg are something else. I didn't get out of the long article what the spat is really about, but did learn that social justice, feminist, ctrl-left stupidity is not something contained only on the N. American and European continents and tectonic plates.

Miss Wu has a lot of followers on youtube, and is some kind of sensation. I believe she is under the impression that her political opinions and her ability to solder and follow a circuit schematic are the reason for her big following. The plain fact is, that this woman is famous on youtube for only 2 good reasons - the left one and the right one (OK, as we are viewing her, her right one and her left one.) You don't see this kind of endowment on very many Oriental girls at all, and that's not a big deal to me. They do, however, keep the eyes fixated on the whole nearly-naked package (it's got to be a little risky to solder like that, but they don't have OSHA over in China, luckily for the Chinese.)

That's what this spat between the rabid twitterer and the sexy cyborg is about, really, their attractiveness and love-lives. You won't read that in the interview, because I doubt these two really know themselves what their problems are:
No one will tell you I am a typical Chinese girl. I have a difficult background. I have had to fight for everything my whole life. When I became a tech enthusiast, due to my strange appearance I had to fight to be allowed to speak at events, and then fight for other Chinese women to be allowed to speak as well. In the West powerful men declared there was no way a Chinese girl could do what I do. I beat them and proved them wrong also. Still, if needed I will show up with my soldering iron and my kit anywhere if anyone doubts me. I am no coward to be easily bullied. My mother taught me that one day a man will beat you, and you should keep getting up until his hand is broken to teach him the lesson that it will never be easy. I live by that.
Ancient Chinese secret huh? Yeah, sure, that'll work ... and, no, it's not that they want to hear you speak, do you wonder why they ask you to turn around and love it when you drop the pointer?
For the past few years, I’ve fought for my right to participate in my field as an equal- because I’m qualified not through some charity or quota. I fight in the tradition of the hacker community- with tech. I have engineered and deployed WiFi hacking drones to send messages and built and worn LCD clothing to attract a crowd to listen to me speak about letting Chinese women participate in tech events as more than just decoration. Why else do we encourage young women to learn STEM if not to empower them with new tech for a new age?
Nope, you are not an engineer, young lady (more about this in a follow-up post). Haha, more attractive doo-dads on your body were "engineered" for "... letting Chinese women participate in tech events as more than just decoration."? Not exactly engineer-level logic there.
I’m Guangdong born and bred, daughter of the Ten Tigers, my ancestral home is Foshan- the same soil as Wong Fei-hung and Ip Man- you can’t come to our place and bully a local girl. Even if I die you can’t do that.
Again the logic is not strong in this one. I don't care if it you come from the ancestral home of Wang Chung, you are a 90 lb 24 y/o girl. Talking like Braveheart is not cutting it - you would be best to find one of your favorite followers and settle down. You know you want that:
Like all Chinese I love children very much, since we have had so few under the one-child system. I am already twenty-four and I have no baby.
You see those upvotes on youtube, Miss Wu? 95% of them are from guys who would like to help you make this baby.

I don't know why I got into this about these 2 girls, as this is not People Magazine. I've just never seen this type of stupidity at this level. Of course these two are exceptions, but it's definitely not what you'd expect out of the Orient. Both of them are nuts in their own way. There WILL be a follow-up of this young lady, not just for the pictures, but also because I have a song in mind that is so appropriate that ... coming next week.

Again, the lady above is no engineer, much less a Doctor, but Dr. Wu by Steely Dan comes to mind:

"Katy Lied" is the name of the 1975 album this song is from. There were so many musicians that played with these two guys in the studio that it was difficult to do live shows with them all, but it was Donald Fagan and the late Walter Becker who were Steely Dan.

*In Shenzhen they have silicone hills a silicon valley in their own right. A friend has touted a place called Hua Qiang Bei, in which one can find parts for all things electronic along with places for repair of about anything. It's just a big example of the modern large-or-small manufacturing infrastructure in China as Peak Stupidity described here (with a self-rebuttal).

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