9/11 - Never Forget?

Posted On: Friday - September 14th 2018 10:35AM MST
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What's the point in remembering ...

... if it's still business as usual?

Peak Stupidity is up to nearly 100 posts or so related tagged with the Immigration Stupidity topic key. A big, probably more intractable problem of America's immigration stupidity is visa-overstaying. We have harped on this a number of times, most recently in the post The America motel - they can check in, but ....

The Anarcho-tyrannical ridiculousness of Police State America's treatment of Americans vs. foreigners can be seen with its non-immigrant-visa policy or lack thereof. As an American with a blue passport coming into America, or just a driver getting pulled over for rolling through a stop sign, you often get the 3rd degree, and "the law is the law - I have no leeway." Or, try just not filling your Fed income tax form out a few years in a row. Yeah, we have a strict rule of law for American citizens but then don't make any effort to keep track of when foreigners, supposedly visiting for tourism or business, don't make it out of the country on time, if at all. I don't see that the IRS is all over their asses.

Michelle Malkin, one of our favorite pundits with the usual caveat for women, wrote about this topic just the other day in her weekly column. She relates this problem to the 9/11 attack. Now I'm not so certain about the real story, but the 19 Moslem hijackers sure are the Fed-Gov's story, and they are the ones that Americans reckon (haha, the government, haha) should fix things so it never happens again.

If nothing else too complicated, such as idiotic anarcho-tyrannical stuff like TSA strip searches of Americans, at least you'd figure this: Since it's pretty much the sole reason the Fed Gov was formed, for a common defense, you'd figure we'd have secured the entries and exits to the country via:

1) Curtailment of legal entries to the country by people from countries we've pissed off enough to hate our guts (or they naturally do).

2) Control of the borders and ports.

3) Tracking of legal entries and exits by foreigners.

America has let massive numbers of students from Saudi Arabia in to "study" here, many more than before 9/11, and that is true from other Moslem countries too. Number 1 has been a complete failure - hey, "failure" is probably not the right word. Nobody in Big-Gov besides PresidentTrump even brings it up, so it never got started. Number 2 was never implemented, resulting in the election of Donald Trump who's pretty much failed so far. Number 3 is just now being talked/written about, except by your VDare types, and maybe patriotic insiders deep down in the Border Patrol/INS/ICE etc.

Just on the issue number 3, which is not even known about by most Americans, and we are talking 700,000 people overstaying their visas just in 2017! Read the article for more of the numbers. Back to 9/11:
Did you remember that five of the 9/11 hijackers—Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, Hani Hanjour, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Satam al-Suqami—carried out their killer plot after overstaying their visas, evading detection and avoiding deportation?

Did you remember that other radical Muslim members of the Terrorist Visa Overstayers Club? They include 1997 New York subway bomber Lafi Khalil; 1993 World Trade Center bombers Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammed Salameh and Eyad Ismoil; 1993 New York landmark bombing plot conspirator Fadil Abdelgani; convicted Times Square bomb plotter Faisal Shahzad; and U.S. Capitol bomb plotter Amine El Khalifi, whose visa expired in 1999 and who escaped Homeland Security's notice for 12 years before he was arrested in 2012—just blocks from the Capitol building donning what he thought was a suicide bomb vest.

Did you remember that a year after the jihadist attacks that stole nearly 3,000 innocent lives, the 9/11 Commission urged our government to build a biometric entry-exit program to track and remove visa overstayers—who comprise an estimated 40 percent of the total illegal immigrant population?
This was 17 years ago. It's not quite like the reaction to Pearl Harbor by Americans and the Fed-Gov in 1941, is it? No, I don't want more wars; don't get me wrong. What was the point of all that? However, a country has every right to control who resides in it, just ask ... like, every other one that's not in Western Europe. The 3 points above are simply what it would have taken to prevent another 9/11. Mrs. Malkin writes:
For 17 years, America has engaged in a collective ritual every Sept. 11: Hang flags, light candles, bow heads and make vows to "Never forget."

Then, every Sept. 12, it's back to business as usual: See something, do nothing.
I'm not playing their game. Our Feral Gov, or the high-level people at least, tell me I should submit to the Police State, because "Never Forget", while most of them know the simple steps it would take to do this. That just doesn't jive with their ideas to replace the American people with a more subservient and diverse population in order to become the 3rd-world oligarchs of their daydreams. They don't want to take the necessary steps to fix anything, as they don't really care. I'm not going to pretend I care either, every 9/11. That's why I'm writing this on 9/14 - I forgot, and I don't care.

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