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Posted On: Wednesday - September 12th 2018 7:29PM MST
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Everybody cut, everybody cut ... footloose.

As happens often in the pundit, or any other world, sometimes I think of a humorous association, but another puts it on-line before I get a chance to write. I documented a case of this once before in the Peak Stupidity post "Of course the Russians love their children, you dumb bass player!" regarding a reference to lyrics in a Sting song. This time, a great article by the VDare writer James Kirkpatrick, Unless the GOP Learns to Handle Anti-White Race-Baiting Attacks, It’s Done—and So Is the Historic American Nation (comments here on unz.com) uses the 2-decades(?)-old "6 degrees from Kevin Bacon" meme that I'd thought of already regarding current ctrl-left/PC happenings. I think it's "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon", as Wikipedia says, but that doesn't make as much sense, and "meme" was an unknown word during the Kevin Bacon era - we were more footloose back then and didn't need freakin' memes to get through the day.

Back to VDare and a guy names Darren Beattie, a speechwriter who was fired by President Trump's administration for having appeared at a an H.L.Mencken (a long-ago well-known curmudeonly columnist at the Baltimore Sun newspaper) honorary-club meeting. The guy was fired solely due to the drudging-up of this 2 year-old association with a perfectly decent organization, but one the Lyin' Press feels doesn't support the narrative. On VDare a coupla weeks back, the head of the site/organization, Mr. Peter Brimelow, is featured in this great interview (voice or transcript - but the podcast sound wasn't so good, and you can read a transcript in 20-25% the time of listening). Mr. Brimelow, along with discussing President Trump's leaving Mr. Beattie out to dry, also talks about TV financial pundit, now Trump advisor, Larry Kudlow. Mr. Kudlow was given the 3rd degree by the Lyin Press apparently for having been at his own dinner/birthday party when Peter Brimelow attended (year after year that is, as they were acquaintances and Mr. Brimelow, who is anti-immigration and pro-white-people, was invited).

Do you understand the reason for the site name, Peak Stupidity yet? The ctrl-left is now of the opinion that one's entire past, down, I guess to toddlerhood, is fair game for a "2 minute hate", if one has been associated with any one of "the wrong people" at any point. It's not just about marriage, business partnerships, mafia families, or direct relatives anymore. These associations can be as tenuous as "hey, this Peak Stupidity blogger bought an alternator from a guy at AutoZone whose sister's manicurist's step-dad had two (not just one, but two) employees who's granddaddies rode for the Klan". You can find something on anybody this way, and that gets us to the Kevin Bacon meme.

The point of the Kevin Bacon humorous line was that, per mathematicians versed in set theory, game theory, or some crap where you don't even need to know arithmetic, everyone is related in some way, with ≤ 6 degrees-of-separation from Kevin Bacon*. Why Kevin Bacon? I guess because he was FootLoose, I dunno?!

This association via 6 or more degrees means that everyone is fair game for a struggle-session from the Lyin' Press or anyone of the ctrl-left. They can get you on anything, even if you've been living in the backwoods of Fennario for most of your life. Now if you were raised by (Dire) Wolves from the get-go, then maybe they may have to back off a bit, but that's only due to fear, and the incorrigible political-incorrectness of wolves.

What can we same people do to fight this latest tactic of the ctrl-left. As usual, KISS, as in, Keep It Simple Stupid, is the mantra to follow: "We found out that your Dad employed a lawn boy whose brother's TV repairman's great-great-grand-father-in-law was THE Grand Wizard of the tri-states Ku Klux Klan, a guy named Kevin Bacon, coincidentally. What do you have to say to us about that?! The public demands an apology.". "Fuck you." KISS, remember.

In the case of Mr. Kudlow, he seems to have somewhat denied Peter Brimelow ("denied" as per a different Peter in the New Testament sense), though I'm not sure if he waited until after sunset, so there's that. Mr. Brimelow was very diplomatic and understanding of his former host in the article.

Now, see, I've got an idea from this. It's better than the 2-word solution recommended above, even. If you are a Peter Brimelow or anyone else who the Lyin Press and ctrl-left have a problem with, you are really at kind of an advantage. Let's make lemons into lemonade, people. (I believe there's an Alinsky Rules for Radicals rule on this one too, but it's just turned around to fit with the vicious way the left thinks - "Let no crisis go to waste", that's their ticket.) Mr. Brimelow now can attend, invited or not-invited, the birthday party of anyone he doesn't like and effortlessly put the kibosh on his career prospects. He can ruin the careers of whole sets of party-goers, warehouse employees, softball teams, stoners, and so on, just by attending, working, pitching, and toking respectively.

What power Peter Brimelow now has! At this point, Peak Stupidity can only dream of this magic power to destroy people by showing up. It's the sort of power that could defeat Superman, Spiderman, and the Incredible Hulk, all together, not to mention the Karate Kid. Trade in your Kryptonite for the power of the hated. You can help get Peak Stupidity on the road to attaining this power by at least supporting us in our quest to be added to the HATELIST, for the price of a single double-cappuccino grande whipped latte a day, with extra whip cream ...

You must remember now, Mr. Brimelow: With great power comes great responsibility.

- Connor Sun Tzu, Poontang Dynasty

* OK, at least if you are in the movie business, per the fairly interesting Wiki page. You may need to go to 7 if you know someone in the movie "BIZ", but I really doubt even that.

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